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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is an investment campaign?
An investment campaign is like a digital pitch deck, it allows investors to view your business details and make an investment offer.
What information should be in an investment campaign?
Anything that is important for an investor to make a decision on whether to invest or not. This can include details about your business, notable achievements, information regarding the team members etc.
Can I create a campaign and have investors make me an offer?
Yes, on the Gunnga platform, Investors can make you a direct investment offer.
What happens if I receive an investment offer?
You can accept the offer, or make a counteroffer. You can negotiate until a deal has been agreed by both sides.
How much equity should I give up?
This is dependent on the valuation of your business. For example if you are raising $100k and giving away 10% equity, this means your company is valued at $1million.
What’s the difference between debt funding and equity funding?
Debt funding means you are borrowing money and are liable for paying it back, you don’t give up any equity. Equity funding means an investor is taking the risk and will own a percentage of your business. As the investor is taking the risk, you are not liable for paying back the money.
If the company goes bust, do I have to pay back the investment money?
Generally no, however if the funds have been used irresponsibly investors can take legal action.
Do investors Invest in the entrepreneurs or the Idea?
Usually it is a mixture of both. Investors tend to invest more in a strong team of founder who are able to execute on the business plan rather then invest in a good idea.
Do Angel investors invest in startups?
Yes. Startups and early stage businesses are usually the ones that most require an Angel investor.

In Startup Business We All Need Investor for Business

For early-stage ventures, this exceptional study defines insightful explanation as well as oriented details about how investors determine valuations.

Instead of going into debt, Prepare- your finances through selling a part of your business to augment cash; also referred to as ‘equity financing’. Let’s have a look over various kinds of investors, and what they actually expect from your business, and most importantly, how to find investors for the business.

Have you witnessed the game of ‘Texas Holdem Poker’? The early stage-investment is very much similar to this because of investment negotiations. However, valuation negotiation is such a serious topic that should not be compared to a game as the aim of investment negotiations ought to be between entrepreneurs and investors to share details with an extensive discussion, openly; to work together towards a mutual vision.

Where to find investors for your business? Definitely, it’s not difficult to find if you are guided properly. In recent times, the easing of investment restrictions has opened up many advantages for ordinary people to invest in a thriving young business, and ‘equity financing’ has become a prosperous scope because of the growth in tech industries.

To measure that up, understand your potential investors before looking for investors for business.

Angel investors: Wealthy individuals, they are the ‘Machiavellian figure’ of business and always try investment ventures in exchange for a share of the business.

Venture capitalists: Professional investment companies will only invest in exchange for preferably massive growth of the referred company while private investors for small business will wait to make a high return

Equity crowdfunding: Assist you to raise funds from the public in exchange for unlisted shares, known as equity in the business, if you are looking for investors for business.

Locating investors is hard and ‘getting funded’ is the hardest expedition for start-up or any business company. To get through the process of raising money, also depending on the location and idea, you need a quality pitch and innovative business idea to get all parties involved. Same applies for private investors for your small business, however, just as it takes a brilliant idea to work, which is not temptatious-enough for investors, there you must seek proper guidance from an expert, who comes with due diligence to find investors for business, following a realistic business plan, thorough research, and a well-crafted idea.

When you are set to start raising finances for your company, consider these ways to find ‘angel investors’, yes that ‘embodiment business figure’ and below mentioned ways to find investors for the business.

All you need is a solid list of strategists and recommended investors who can give you suggestions and capital investment that you are waiting for.

Tap into investors in your network, when you need investor for business, reach out to them in a low-stakes environment, lay out your ideas, ask for feedback, and always incorporate their advice into your next pitch.

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