DMC Black Pearl Charcoal

Location,City : United States / Las Vegas

Max Target : $ 100,009

Equity on offer : 25 %

Min Target : $ 50,000

Equity on offer : 25 %

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Investment Round :
Early stage

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Posted By : Marshall Grier Connect


My business is comprised of several one-of-a-kind products. My foil is the only perforated foil in the world. This charcoal will be the only sports themed charcoal with the bags shaped regularly but they will be the color of your favorite teams. The bags will be single use for a one-time tailgate event because of the long burn time of the charcoal which will exceed the length of a tailgate. And we are just excited to bring this to several other sports once we initiate the football in the racing. The great thing about the racing with the NHRA is that Brandon Bernstein is our partner. He is the son of Kenny Bernstein who is a six-time champ and world record holder for the longest sponsorship in the history of sports with Budweiser.

Notable Achievements

  • We have sold out in every venue we have ever set a product in. Menards inc. Camping world. Gander outdoor. Overton sports. Amerimark formerly Harriet and carter.
  • . My aluminum foil is number one on amazon, Amazon's choice, blue ribbon, with a 4.9 out of five star rating.
  • I lost my wife in 2021. My partner has ALS and is fighting for his life everyday. And would $1.29 to my name I'm still trying to move this product line forward with no help.
  • I am a top 100 streetball player ever. And overall champion of everything I've ever done.
  • I have a certificate of congressional recognition from the United States Congress for placing 49 out of 55 students players in college

Pitch Video

The Business

We are looking for an investor that is interested in sports. Someone who knows that with the length and size of today's NFL contracts as well as the growth of the barbecue industry predicted to increase by 31% by 2030 that being a part of an industry that does 2.2 billion a year with 91% of that being from Kingsford, we can grab 5% of the market and be worth 25 to 30 million dollars on a $50,000 investment. No we are not a tech company but the one people must do to operate tech systems is keep their strength by way of eating. Eating is one thing that will never go out of style and with 77% of American homes having a grill, and 76% will buy another grill the following year. 80% to 85% of all Americans will barbecue at least once every year. $15,000 people barbecue at the NHRA racing events per weekend which is 24 out of the 52 weekends of the year but the season is 10 months season. So imagine selling the bags at the venue as we travel around the country following the NHRA. And then we become associated with the sport and it grows on its own and we ease into NASCAR, funny truck, monster truck, motorcycle racing, demolition derbies, and many more of those racing events that we don't pay attention too.

The Market

The market is 91% in favor of Kingsford Charcoal which is a traditional charcoal made from wood. Our charcoal is made from coconut shells and is eco-friendly, organic, and green alternative. The industry is growing tremendously. Grilled foods are the preferred foods around the world as well as a lot here in America. We will be promoting healthy grilling as we have a product that will leave a less of a carbon imprint on our earth. The other fact is that it takes approximately 11 trees for 100 lb of charcoal and the tree takes 10 to 13 years to grow back. We never cut down trees. No trees are harmed in our process for the same result at a more premium result. Other than tech like I said people have to eat. And they are preferring to eat grilled foods.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

My goal is to not have to do this have speed. We intend to hire a marketing company. And an advertising company. I have a former Nike brand specialist who will be working with us. We will need to make sure that we get this in front of as many eyeballs as possible over the summer to prepare for a season debut launch in 2023.

We intend on using the funds to number:
1 hire a company called 52 launch.
2. Hire another company for the marketing ideas and for the campaign called IKONIK
4. And attack social media as diligently as we can while also looking into making sure we can look into the benefits of the chat gptai marketing advertising mechanisms to their fullest.
5. Attend multiple tailgating with an aim at participating in ads and several tailgating homegating magazines, Facebook ads, tick tock, WhatsApp, telegram, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, and every other advertising platform there is.

The Team

Marshall Grier - President

I am just in love with my process. I have become an expert in a lot of the grilling processes. I have created a barbecue sauce, and indoor smoker.
I have been involved in sports my entire life. I am boys of former school teacher. I was a coach for football, basketball, volleyball, and overall mentor and motor of men as a coach who outgrew his City. I'm a leader and everyone knows that and I don't lose. I am what they call an idea guy. I live in my own head and I create things over and over and over again but I am not a businessman.

Exit Strategy

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 25%

This is just a great opportunity that really can't fail because the fact that people have to eat. It's a really good idea because people love the grill. It's really a lovely idea because people love sports. It's a great idea as well because football is growing and it's fanbase as you can tell about the salaries which means we wouldn't be going anywhere and with proper advertising and marketing the sky's the limit and with something as little as 5% of a market that is controlled by one company instead of $9,900 AI companies about to hit you upside the head this right here with the proper management and direction is a no-brainer. We have been grilling and using fire to prepare foods since the caveman it's not going anywhere