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Max Target : $ 200000

Equity on offer : 5 %

Min Target : $ 150000

Equity on offer : 4 %

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Early stage

Stage :
Generating sales

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The Air Motor, is a machine that works with the thermal energy of the environment, in other words the air outgoing this machine, is the same as the entering air, but with a little less temperature, this thermal energy lost by the passing air, is transformed into mechanical energy to move something, or re-transformed into electrical energy to power the houses, or any other thing, this machine can solve the energy, global warming and pollution problems, all at the same time. There is little space to place full technical information about this machine, but if I have some e-mail, I can send all the technical information needed for this

Notable Achievements

  • The optimization of the Thermal Airfoil Turbines which is the part of the machine that transform the thermal energy into mechanical energy.
  • Assembly of an application of the Thermal Airfoil Turbine, so to verify its correct function
  • To measure this Turbine in different application, where can be used to produce energy
  • The discovery of how to do this kind of machines

Pitch Video


The Business

AS it can be showed, the business as I can see, is to deal with any industry interested in these machines, license or any other agreement, so to produce these machines for the public use, but I am open to any idea different of that, so to reach the manufacture of this important machine for everybody, in other words I am looking for a partner furthermore an investor

The Market

The market is all around the world, because when any industry beguin to produce and to sell this kind of machines succesfully, inmediatelly many other industries, will beguin to produce the same machines.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

I will make many industrial models of my machine The Air Motor, so to offer any industry interested in the manufacture of these machines, and so these industries can start an easy and cheap manufactures of these machines for the public use.

Basically the same thing, but I would make less industrial models of these machines

The Team

Luis Solorzano - President and inventor

I am an electrical engineer and inventor of many things, about 50 years graduated, I can send my resume to any interested investor My phone is 3054842501

Rosa Katrina Solorzano - Scienstific Assistant

She is an Industrial engineer with more than 20 years graduated, equal her resume can be seen

Eudes Vera - Scienstific Assistant

It is an electronic engineer graduated about 50 years ago, PHD in England, ex profesor in an University in Boston

Exit Strategy

I see The strategy very simple, we have to offer any industry one ore more industrial models of this machine ready to produce easlly and cheap, and to offer technical assistance at first so to train the personnel, which will work manufacturing these machines and giving maintainance to the machines.

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 6%

In this moment we don´t need any more, maybe any practical technician to help in the work