What a Pane!

Location,City : United States / Magnolia

Max Target : $ 50,000

Equity on offer : %

Min Target : $ 30,000

Equity on offer : %

Industry :
Business Services

Investment Round :

Stage :
Generating sales

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Posted By : Cory Moore Connect


Residential window cleaning business with a focus on community and trust.

Notable Achievements

  • 5 star ratings from customers.

Pitch Video

The Business

I believe that with the values I hold for the business will see it's growth to as far as I am willing to take it. My strategy includes eventually buying out the competition and having them work for my business. I fully plan to take over the area as the leader in residential window cleaning and plan to add other services like power washing and solar panel cleaning. As an investor, you will be funding the start of an ever growing business.

The Market

The overall cleaning services market—encompassing window cleaning and other services used by residential and commercial customers—is on track to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% by 2022, according to a report by Allied Market Research. The data evidences a consistent demand for cleaning services among commercial consumers (such as retail buildings, offices, hospitals, public buildings, etc.).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall cleaning industry is growing at a faster rate than many other industries. The average growth in other industries is projected to be 7% from 2016 to 2026, but research puts the cleaning industry at a rate of 10% growth by 2026.

A window cleaning industry analysis reveals that risk is low in the window cleaning industry, as it is a relatively recession-proof business; clean work spaces are integral to productivity, and as more people work remotely and from home, that concept bleeds into residential business. Even people who don’t work from home place more importance than ever on cleanliness at home.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

$20,000 salary of one employee.
$15,000 city van or truck with logo.
$6000 Home advisor leads.
$1,100 water fed pole system.
$400 screen cleaner.
$200 cleaning kit for new employee.
$500 cleaning supplies for the year.
$6,800 for additional advertising/misc.

$15,000 for city van or truck with logo.
$6000 Home Advisor leads.
$1,100 water fed pole system.
$400 screen cleaner.
$500 cleaning supplies for the year.
$7000 for additional advertising/misc.

The Team

Cory Moore - Owner

Currently the only employee. Run day to day operations of business such as making phone calls, following up on leads, cleaning windows, maintaining website, managing reviews and processing payments.

TBD - Window Cleaner

The first employee who will be trained and eventually run their own vehicle.

Exit Strategy

The model of the business has very little overhead and all of the assets except the salary of the one employee can be liquidated to recover any investment loss.

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