Stech Solution & Services Ltd

Location,City : England / London

Max Target : £ 5,000,000.00

Equity on offer : 25 %

Min Target : £ 1,000,000.00

Equity on offer : 5 %

Industry :

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Ready to launch

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Stech Solutions & Service; Providing solutions based on SharePoint Online; 10 functional apps; 32+ yrs combined team experience; Targeting the $108.44 bn market; Integration of Mongo Db, IoT, Elastic Search etc; Targeting to raise £2mn+

Notable Achievements

  • Lots of ideas, tools and services for new apps in the pipeline!
  • The first company oriented towards the integration of AI and SharePoint CMS
  • Online website with many Apps to explore!
  • Integration with new technologies such as Mongo Db, IOT, Elastic Search etc
  • Team with international experience and many years of IT project development

Pitch Video

The Business


+ Digitization processes and business flows very often require more time to create


+ We provide our customers with a set of solutions that allow immediate access to a wide range of functions connected to Sharepoint Online

+ Possibility to access our services both from desktop and mobile

+ Manage your user profile and view the status of your license at any time

+ Set up the administrators easily and quickly and, with the Premium license, modify and customize the apps by setting the colours of your brand and changing the logo

The Market

+ The global mobile application market size was valued at $108.44 bn in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.2% to reach $311.25 bn by 2023

+ The mobile apps gain importance at a global level due to their ease of use and user-friendly interface

+ As these apps provide the specific information required by the user, these apps become the basic need of anyone using personal portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

They will be used for the expansion of the company, to form the various internal work teams, opening of new localized offices and internal structuring

They will be used for internal strategies for the actual launch of the product by investing in the marketing aspect and internal team.

The Team

Stefan - CEO

+ Work experience-oriented to international and local clients and projects, 18 years of experience in information technology and project management on Sharepoint and other technologies

George - COO-CTO

+ International work experience

+ 14 years of work experience in which he developed managerial skills in IT and technologies such as Sharepoint and Microsoft

+ In the past he has worked on extraordinary projects .

Exit Strategy

+ Provide to our clients the best products and tools to help them use Sharepoint in the most efficient way

+ Create solutions in a simple way and optimize development

+ Improve our team of engineers and engineers

+ Make process management easier and more intuitive for managing internal company resources

+ Offer solutions and better products

+ Capture impressive market share and competitive advantage over competitors

+ Provide information technology services

+ Offer quality information technology services to customers at affordable prices

+ Build and tailor our service to our customers

+ Create great word of mouth promotion of services

+ Provide services to the clients according to requirements

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