The relaxation station Dispensary

Location,City : United States / Enid

Max Target : $ 100k

Equity on offer : 20 %

Min Target : $ 50k

Equity on offer : 10 %

Industry :

Investment Round :

Stage :

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Posted By : Karl Spearman Connect


I am an entrepreneur in Oklahoma. I currently own a Dispensary license. I want to get into a new location and buy bulk branded products that will set me apart from the other people in the industry in my area. Currently we are not in operation. I'm looking to rejuvenate that business with an angel investor. My mother and I the owners. Caught covid at a crucial time and it slowed us way down and we got behind on our lease and unfortunately had to close our doors. But with so many of our customers asking me to reopen. I had to at least try and shoot for the stars. With the right location and my own personal following in the industry I know I can make this place the success it could have been. We were new and started this thing with only 34k and I know at the new location I have in mind and with the products and sales team I hope to bring on. I can make this business take off.

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The Business

Depending on the size of your investment you could potentially be looking at making 10-20 percent of 60-80k monthly

The Market

The market here is great and booming. As long as you have branded products as well as a good sales team in place your in the money.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

I am looking for the finances to rejuvenate my business by hiring people that have a following in the industry to make an edge. As well as move to a more profitable location. The funds would pay also pay for bulk amounts of branded products with a following to guarantee more customer movement in the store. I know which products customers in my area prefer and would buy at my store if I could have a consistent supply of those products. Also would do a decent advertising campaign and maybe an event to be able to generate awareness of my new location and attract more new customers.

I would be able to buy bulk products and hire new employees with a follower base in the industry. I would also allocate some funds for new location. I could do a small advertising campaign and be able to do basically all the same as stated above. I would just have less in reserve for slow times etc.

The Team

Karl spearman Georgiana spearman - Owner

Mom and son Dispensary owner.

Exit Strategy

Didn't have an exit strategy.

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