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Max Target : $ 100,000

Equity on offer : 15 %

Min Target : $ 50,000

Equity on offer : 5 %

Industry :
Products & inventions

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Stage :
Generating sales

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LEDStrip is the leading lighting solution brand for video gamers.

Notable Achievements

  • has come up with brand equity through Facebook Advertising and Influencer marketing
  • has acquired 600 paying customers through Facebook and TikTok marketing.
  • garnered $24,904 in Total Revenue with a customer returning rate of 6.27% and 600 Subscribed Customers made from Bootstrapping

Pitch Video

The Business

LEDStrip, just like Razer aims to become the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers but mainly focuses on Lighting Solutions. With our unique approach to quality control and strategic and timely marketing strategy, we can dominate the Gaming Lights market in less than two years.

The Market

In the gaming realm, gamers face the uncertainty of the Lighting products that they would consider as their go-to provider of quality lights - LED Strip Lights and Nano Lights. These Bias Lightings are widely used in the gaming community as these would protect their eyes during a long screen exposure and also for aesthetic purposes.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

We will use the funds for improving product engineering and inventory. We will also work with an agency for PR and marketing. We will also test new products

Same as above.

The Team

Jeremiah Rubio - Founder/CEO  View Profile

Jeremiah is the founder and managing director of Lionoids Group LLC. He is an expert in digital marketing. He is a goal-oriented and a visionary leader who aims to dive into the Blue Ocean Market for his brand.

Exit Strategy

We envision an acquisition deal with leading electronics retailers in the USA under a new product line for gamers.

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