Empire Mining

Location,City : USA / Indiana

Max Target : $ 125000

Equity on offer : %

Min Target : $ 70000

Equity on offer : %

Industry :
Crypto currency

Investment Round :

Stage :
Ready to launch

Website : Visit

Posted By : Noah B Connect


Anyone paying attention can see cryptocurrencies and block-chain technology are becoming adopted by more and more trusted financial institutions around the world. Mining is the safest way to tap into this $237.1B, highly profitable market.

Notable Achievements

  • Efficient business plan to scale rapidly
  • If started within the past 5 yrs, this business would be an order of magnitude larger in valuation and revenue generation.
  • All claims can be backed by multiple markets exchange rate historical data
  • Small initial investment for world-changing equity
  • Passionate founder and employees

Pitch Video

The Business

We are in the business of mining cryptocurrencies. Simply put, this is collecting rewards from the block-chain network directly to verify transactions with computing power. The reward is how the cryptocurrency is put into circulation, but more importantly what keeps the coins block-chain network running, and will forever be needed for the currency/coin can be used. We will mine multiple currencies, only the most profitable, stable, and up-trending. With the investment, we will be able to cover the initial costs of equipment, power infrastructure, warehouse clean room and climate control preparation. That's all we will need, as the programs will run, and work 24/7/365, earning coins, which can easily be exchanged for USD bank deposits via digital exchanges.

I currently mine as a passion on low-end local hardware and don't produce anything significant to you. But with the proper equipment I have chose, secured by your investment, to ensure stability and profitability for inital phase until ROI is secured, we immediately would generate cryptocurrencies exchangeable for the value of $7,945 USD - $14,660 USD / Month (Based on previous 12 months, avg. of $11,300 USD, after est. operating costs deducted).

With this past month rates to date, we would have generated over $14,660, as when price changes directly affect profits. This also gives us a great opportunity to hold a percentage of mined currency. We could do this short-term if the rate of a specific mined coin becomes volatile, we can wait for the market to recover, and long-term for significant gains on high-utility coins that are much more stable, safe and already adopted by the mainstream financial sector.

The Market

I can link you to countless articles, YTD or ICO to date charts if you are not aware of the growth of cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin, please contact me for further info needed but it can be found all over financial news. Crypto is here to stay, maybe not all coins, but we will mine based on stability and profitability. Cryptocurrencies have a $237.1B market cap, up from $128.8B in 2018. The future is digital, and all the large financial institutions in the USA have announced some type of block-chain based integration. The multi-millions of crypto transactions currently being processed every hour are all paying out rewards to someone, and it should be us!

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Funds will be spend on securing max essential mining hardware, larger facility, and the build of clean-room, power and cooling infrastructure.

Funds will be spend on securing a lesser amount of essential mining hardware, small facility, and the build of clean-room, power and cooling infrastructure. This will also effect ROI timeline.

The Team

Noah - Founder/CEO - Mine/Technical Management

I am a very passionate Crypto small-scale investor and enthusiast. I have been researching this plan for over one yr now and am 100% confident. With my research, dedication and 100% effort into this subject. this will become a large-scale, highly profitable, multi-million dollar mining and energy production company.

Jack - Technical Analyst

Over six year experienced day-trader and technical analyst for market trends and utility research.

Exit Strategy

Leveraged Management Buyout, if exiting.

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 0%

We simply need funding, equipment is costly and the return is the closest thing to a guarantee you can get. This company growth will grow exponentially, had we started this business model anytime during the past year alone, based on previous market rates, value and revenue generated would have increased by over an order of magnitude. Compensation negotiable.