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Equity on offer : 30 %

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Equity on offer : 20 %

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There are about 7-8million reported annual fires. At the beginning of the 21st century there was about 7,3 billion earth population. At the beginning of the 21st century there was about 7,3 billion earth population. Annual fire deaths were about 70000 -80 000 and 500 000 - 800 000 fire injuries.
The Problem:
94% of fire deaths occurs in homes and buildings, and people spend about 80% of the time in buildings. In an ideal world all industrial, commercial, public places as well as residential would have an affordable self-activating fire extinguisher strategically positioned in known areas of potential threat, so that if a fire should start and regardless of whether someone is present to or not, the device would disperse extinguishing chemicals and extinguish a fire in the early stages and avert loosing valuable information, assets and even property.

Notable Achievements

  • A distribution agreement has been achieved with the overseas manufacturer
  • I spent a significant number of years working as a Buyer in a procurement environment of some of the leading construction companies in the country. A marketing team will be led by someone with vast marketing experience and also holds an MBA degree. In addition another lady who also holds an MBA degree will be working on consultancy basis to assist the company in developing efficient strategies
  • We are currently putting in place a strong management team made of people with the requisite skills and experience

Pitch Video

The Business

The solution:
We have secured a distribution agreement with an overseas company which manufacturers and markets a ball-shaped fire extinguisher that self-activates within 3-5 seconds of being touched by a naked flame, effectively dispersing extinguishing chemicals.
Key Features & Benefits of the Products:
i) non-toxic to humans
ii) service free & 5 year warranty
iii) Tested and Certified
iv) Compact and lightweight
v) Easy to operate

The Market

The market for this product is huge and presents an opportunity for a good ROI. The use of these products are applicable in warehouses, maritime, hospitals, industrial, public transport, aviation, public areas, storage rooms, places of religion, hotels & motels, commercial buildings, restaurants, residential, offices, mining, leisure complexes, schools and universities, server rooms, plant rooms, nursing homes, emergency services, farming and agriculture, motor vehicles, buses and trucks, trains, boats, supermarkets.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

The funds will be used to purchase the property which includes Offices & warehouse, vehicles, stock and also use some of the funds in our initial marketing campaigns to create brand awareness to enable us to gradually penetrate the market and grab a significant share of the market

We will embark on an aggressive marketing campaign, to help us gradually penetrate the market to gain a bigger share of the market

The Team

Sello Maseko - Managing Director

I do have vast experience in procurement having spent a significant number of years working for leading construction companies in the country. A person who has corporate marketing experience and holds an MBA degree is currently putting in place a solid marketing team of sales executives

Exit Strategy

IPO or will alternatively consider selling at a premium

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 30%

We are looking for a suitable investor/s to help us make this a business reality, These are innovative and exciting products with enormous potential and are applicable across many industries and present for stakeholders an opportunity good ROI.