Maayaa Integrated Farms

Location,City : India / Coimbatore

Max Target : $ 109000

Equity on offer : 40 %

Min Target : $ 3500

Equity on offer : 3 %

Industry :

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Proof of concept

Website : Visit

Posted By : M Gopinath Connect


Dears, GOOD DAY.

I don't want to be dramatic to attract investors., I am genuine & straight forward always in my life. By implementing my project, I can give healthy fish meat for people at standard cost. Also I can provide job and income opportunity for more than 50 families around the project location. Moreover, I can assure 24% to 36% of the Return on Investment for my investors.

Biofloc fresh water aquaculture is the emerging inland fish farming technology, is my project which will give return on investment as 24% to 36% for the investor.

My idea of branding by franchises in all the related fields also will be implemented soon after the first production plant. After my proof of return on investment to my investors, I will use the same investors for my future feature projects too. I expect long term fruitful relationship with everyone.

Thanks and Regards,
M.Gopinath, Coimbatore.

Pitch Video

The Business

By this Potential Proven Venture, This business is planned to get profit by production and sales of fresh water healthy & fresh fish meat at standard cost for consumer around the project location.

The Market

as the product is FMCG, the Market is wide with 70 million people around the project location within 250kms.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Capital Cost and Working Cost

Capital Cost and Working Cost

The Team

M Gopinath - Founder and Business Manager

Myself a Multi skilled person experiencing biofloc technology for past 3 years and undergone a certificate training program.

Exit Strategy

There is no idea of exiting the business, because this is a FMCG venture and I will return the investment to the investor within 5 years with 24% to 36% as RoI on their investment.

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 2%

I can offer 2% of the raised fund as fees for the fund raisers who can support me completely to reach my target of USD109K investment for this project by raising funds through angels and other funds.