Ynnez Travels

Location,City : Ghana / Accra

Max Target : $ 15500

Equity on offer : 30 %

Min Target : $ 12500

Equity on offer : 20 %

Industry :

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :

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We are startup Travel & Transport company in Accra, Ghana. We are trusted by the clients we have worked with since we started. Our vision is to provide more convenient services to our clients both online and offline.

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The Business

Ynnez Travels is a reputable travel and transport company whose vision is make travel simple and economically as well as offering hassle free delivery services. It’s one of our major hubs for our West African market, providing travelers in Ghana a seamless and integrated booking portal for all travel services, including Flights, Hotels booking, Visa Assistance, Holiday Packages and much more. We are a brand that exudes excitement, triggers joy and happiness and works diligently towards customer satisfaction with utmost transparency. What you see is what you get.

The Market

As we all know the Travel/Transport industry is competitive, my team and I have been striving hard to fit into this industry providing extra ordinary services since we are small and not well known, all we can do to attract customers is adding more value to our services.
Reason we decided to have our own portal (although we are having an affiliate travel portal we joined via Travel Payout) is to provide extra convenience to our local market(Ghana), about 50% of the people in Ghana would prefer walking in an office to book flight /hotel or even any other services. 20%-30% who are good with online presence might not even have debit card to make payment online but might have the local payment services provided by the telecommunication companies like Mobile Money which is most convenient options for a lot of people to make payment with. So building our portal will help us integrate such payment gateway as well as other payment services to make it easier for anyone. Although, there are few companies in Ghana that are having their own travel portal but we stand to be different from them in terms of our services & products we will be offering and also great customer services. This will make most of our clients worldwide to return and book their flight & hotel with us.

With our delivery services, we want to be a top notch, there are a lot of delivery companies(small & large) in Ghana but most of them don't offer tracking of item, or have no website etc. Although we are currently focusing local market but in future I believe we will go worldwide. I have learnt a lot of great services in delivery companies here in UAE, as there are a lot of Delivery Companies in UAE and very competitive, so these companies like to make things extra which is very nice and convenient. These type of services I want to implement in our Delivery Services in Ghana.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

I need these funds for the following;
Build our own Travel Portal
Get new spacious office in a very good location
Buy new Motto bikes to increase our delivery services

I need these funds for the following;
Build our own Travel Portal
Get new spacious office in a very good location

The Team

Emmanuel Asamoah - Manager

Since my company is not big, I only have 1 staff who does everything in Ghana since I'm not around. The 2 of us have been working hand in hand and we are hoping to expand. So he does all the managerial works.

Exit Strategy

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