Grays Pharmaceuticals

Location,City : South Africa / Pretoria

Max Target : $ 500000

Equity on offer : 35 %

Min Target : $ 200000

Equity on offer : 15 %

Industry :
Medical and Science

Investment Round :

Stage :
Ready to launch

Website : Visit

Posted By : Steve Booyens Connect


Grade 1 medicinal cannabis farm licensed to cultivate in Lesotho under a joint-venture. We're also in the process to develop a facility in South Africa, which will obtain SAPHRA licensing before the market closes. We expect revenue of 100 million USD over our first 5 year operation cycle, with 575% ROI. (Our business plan is based on the South African project).

Notable Achievements

  • Management Team Structured
  • Joint Venture in Lesotho Achieved
  • Angel Funding Obtained

Pitch Video

The Business

We'll be producing raw product, which will be sold to foreign markets (we have existing off-take agreements), after we've achieved revenue we'll leverage the project and build a manufacturing plant and create our own distillate. The Lesotho project will be the first to get underway as it's already licensed and we'd like to build the South African facility before the market closes (such as in Lesotho), we'll ensure the South African facility is operational shortly after licensing.

The Market

Medicinal Cannabis is used to treat symptoms of cancer, Parkinson's, chrons as well as various neurological disorders. There's large demand but few cultivators who can provide a product at low cost and high yields. You'll sell distillate for 700-800 USD per Liter, the raw product will sell for 1200 USD per kilogram.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

We are currently licensed to cultivate alongside a company in Lesotho where we'll set-up infrastructure, we'll simultaneously set-up infrastructure in South Africa to obtain SAPHRA license to cultivate before the market closes.

Same usage.

The Team

Steve Booyens MSc - Director

Managing Partner at Pearl Gray Equity Partners and educated in London.

Exit Strategy

IPO after year-5 or sale of the business, our focus is valuation so that the highest possible appreciation will be achieved.

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