Victor Sanchez

Location,City : United States / Las Vegas

Max Target : $ 20000

Equity on offer : 50 %

Min Target : $ 10000

Equity on offer : 50 %

Industry :
Personal services

Investment Round :
Series B

Stage :

Website : Visit

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Lawsuit which is in the stretch run of the case to guarantee investment for living expenses and has video and all necessary medical reports, scans, and tests to show the strength of this case.

Notable Achievements

  • Substantial offer in mediation refused
  • Video of incident captured

Pitch Video

The Business

Easy return on your investment for a short period of time until repayment. Less than a year. Litigation investment in a very very strong case.

The Market

Similar case with brain injury of a swing set collapsing on a child's head yielded $20,000,000 settlement.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Funds would be used for living expenses through the duration of the legal process which is close to four years already passed by.
Willing to pay back 30000 on 20000 investment in a very short duration.

Living expenses until the legal process ends with either settlement or jury decision.
Repayment of 15000 for 10000 investment in a short duration left in process.

The Team

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Exit Strategy

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