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Location,City : Iran / Tehran

Max Target : $ 500K

Equity on offer : 45 %

Min Target : $ 200K

Equity on offer : 20 %

Industry :
Crypto currency

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Posted By : Arash Ravadgar Connect


This is whole new concept in use of cryptocurrency!
everyone is familiar with how game apps monetize their content by entertaining people and showing them ads.,
but we want to buy wasted time of people in form of cryptocurrency. they will play, watch, listen and etc. to get entertained through our well-designed application , and bye having engagement in various types of advertisements, they will get rewards in form of cryptocurrency and they can use and trade them in twin exchange app owned by "us"...

Notable Achievements

  • location owners receive share from income their clients made in form of our specific token
  • advertisers show their product/service to exact potential buyer
  • users spend time in app for being entertained and getting rewards in form of our specific token
  • content providers receive rewards in form of our specific token every time they content is viewed

Pitch Video

The Business

this is an " everybody is winning" idea,
look at role players in this ecosystem:
- time spenders (users)
- content providers
- location owners (where idle time happens!)
- advertisers

they all will reach their goals and targets based on their interest, and we will monetize our application in this "all winning" area by several solutions.
cash flow in this system is with our own token, that will be reachable for our users in their wallet created in our twin exchange app. then they can trade or exchange that in any trusted wallet.
having cryptocurrency with this valuable backbone in market has its whole different story. i will leave your imagination power with this one...

Other documents, expense/income sheets, primitive sketch of app and etc. are provided.

The Market

size of market is as wide as globe.
as you can imagine, anyone who is waiting for being served is potential user with motivation of getting entertained plus receive rewards.
for first step, our market will be domestic and then we will expand it based on market investigation.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

we will use our marketing plan "B" with more budget

we will use our marketing plan "A" with less budget

The Team

Arash Ravadgar - Founder & product owner

Arian Ravadgar - Co-Founder

Arash Hemmati - VP of marketing

MahReza Mesbahi - CTO

Sara Ghadirian - Head of Sales dept.

Farshid Tajdari - Head of Content providers affair

Mo Sarreshteh dari - Head of Content marketing team

Amir Shiravand - UI/UX Designer

Mahdy Gheibi - SEO specialist

Exit Strategy

still working on it, open to bright ideas.
one early solution could be IPO, buyback at future price

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