The Webb Retail Partners

Location,City : Ohio / Chillicothe

Max Target : $ 300,000

Equity on offer : 20 %

Min Target : $ 150,000

Equity on offer : 15 %

Industry :

Investment Round :

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The Webb Retail Partners was established from the love and need for its ownership to build their own business by meeting the retail needs of its patrons. With 15 years of big box retail, management with companies such as Walmart, Meijer, Redbull, and Kellogg Co, Dwayne Webb feels that his track record of 10% growth annually makes him an elite candidate for funding opportunities in this sector. Our mission is to purchase well performing retail businesses and scale those businesses annual revenues, with double digit growth by providing best in class customer service and convenience.

Notable Achievements

  • Achieved 103% of sales budget october 2015 (Kellogg Co)
  • 2018 highest sales growth percentage in the company 20%(Dixie Beverage)
  • Exceeded sales goal by 10% for 2016 (Coca Cola)
  • Increased dry grocery and deli food sales by 2.5 million from previous year in 2010 (Walmart)
  • Created backroom inventory management process 2015 (Meijer)

Pitch Video

The Business

Ohio Chillicothe Branded Mini Truck Stop
3362 S Bridge St, Chillicothe, OH 45601
Summary of 12 Months as of May, 2019
Type of Revenue Sales Margin % Margin $
Store Merchandise 820,500 25.0% 205,125
ATM 7,500 100.0% 7,500
Lottery commission 20,000 100.0% 20,000
Fees & rebates 18,500 100.0% 18,500 Inc Cig Rebates & Other
Total Inside 866,500 251,125
Fuel gallons 450,500 0.110 49,555
Fuel Sales Dollars 1,554,225
Total Sales Dollars 2,420,725
Total Gross Margin 300,680
Operating Expense:
Payroll 46,500 Inc Manager Salary
Payroll taxes 5,115
Merchant bank services 15,500
Utilities electric/gas 14,500
Fees and Licenses 3,400
Rent/Bank Payments 60,000
Telephone, water, trash 2,200
Real estate tax 6,000
Alarm Net Security 2,200
Professional fees 1,800
Repairs & maintenance 1,000
Insurance 3,750
Supplies & miscellaneous 1,500
Total Operating Expense 163,465 163,465
Net Operating Income 137,215
Debt service
SBA backed loan -
(6.7%, 300 mo) 0
Seller Note
(9%, 60 mo) 0
Total Debt Service 0 x 12 -
Owner Benefit (Sallary) 24,000
Return on Investment 161,215
Buyer's Cash Investment 200,000
Return on Investment Percentage/ year 80.6%

The Market

Chillicothe Ohio, with a population of 25,000 in the city and a population of 80,000 in the county, this store has been in business since 1992 with a loyal customer base and following. Located off of highway 23, being one of Ohio's busiest corridors with over 10,000 vehicles passing by the outlet per day and grossing over 2 million per year in inside and outside sales.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Would like a 10 year term loan at 10%

15 year retail management professional looking to start his entrepreneurial journey by purchasing an already established and profitable retail/gas station. Would like to use funds to purchase business and inventory currently in the store($240,000). $20,000 for beer, cigarette, and lottery licensing. $20,000 for fuel deposit and first and second months rent deposit. $20,000 for payroll and 1st month inventory purchases from vendors.

Would like a 10 year term loan at 10%

Would like a 10 year term loan at 10%

Will use the 150,000 to purchase half the cost of operations while using seller finance options to fund the rest of the campaign.

The Team

Dwayne Webb - Owner/Operator  View Profile

Dwayne Webb, retail professional, currently a district manager for dixie beverage Redbull energy. Brings a passion and hunger for retail sales and execution. Worked as an assistant store manager with walmart, and meijer. Also spent 5 years of direct store delivery with Coca Cola and Kellogg Co as an account manager having a sales growth consistently of 10% annually. Receiving his bachelors of arts from Ohio University, and MBA from the University of Findlay.

Exit Strategy

Would like to scale sales from 2.4 million to a healthy 5 million per year in the next 5 years by creating a more effective and profitable food program and marketing strategy. Will then give equity options to ownership or sell business for 3 times the purchase price.

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 7%

Currently in the startup stages of learning how to fund businesses, would like to partner with master fundraiser in order to learn and create a dynamic team for future ventures.