jacob amoah nyarko

Location,City : Ghana / Accra

Max Target : $ 3000000

Equity on offer : 50 %

Min Target : $ 100,000

Equity on offer : 20 %

Industry :

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Ready to launch

Website : Visit


Juli-Vic Farms Ltd is a Ghanaian based Company whose mission is to provide high quality,
organic nutritional vegetables and high quality planting materials for domestic and international
use, manure compost, live stocks and aqua-culture{fisher} .
We are focused on the organic Niche market.

Notable Achievements

  • 40 acres farm Land

Pitch Video

The Business

Juli-Vic farms is at pre-revenue stage and formed up with the acquisition of a 40 acre land
suitable for the cultivation of vegetable farms, cereals , fishing, livestock and organic manure
for agricultural purposes in Ghana and abroad.. Currently we are searching for seed capital investment /
possible joint venture / equity investment opportunities in exchange for seed capital investment. JVF is offering and considering ;
a. Minority Equity investors
b. Joint venture partners
c. Equity injections
in exchange of seed capital investment for 49% shares.

The Market

Marketing strategy
JuliVic Farms will initially market and supply its products to target customers.
The company is further exploring marketing opportunities on the internet .To this
extend, the company would like to set up a website to market its products. The
company will utilize aggressive advertising strategies to further market its
These strategies include the promotion of products through the sponsoring of
spots on cooking shows and exhibitions, and also engaging prominent chefs to
help promote this industry.
Pricing Strategy
The company will set its pricing based on market rates as far as vegetables,
fishing, tuba’s, cereals’ and organic manures are concerned. JVF’s product
pricing will exceed the average market price for the following reasons;
1. Taste sampling at outlets will be encouraged.
2. Unparalleled flavor superiority will addict greens tasters.
3. Promoting of pesticide –free {organic}, fumigant-free, cultural techniques
of soil management, environment, ozone, and health-friendly production
Sales strategy
At JuliVic Farms, all the products will be mainly sold through
wholesale marketing. Live shipments will be delivered by contracts
carriers in special oxygenated tanks carrying mixed-products
including tuba’s cereals, vegetables ,fruits and will be continued as
JVF bagged manure products will be delivered and unloaded in
sizable wholesale quantities by pallet. Smaller and more local orders
will significantly increase the overall sales when 300-450 live
vegetables caring tank system is put in service since 2000 by the
Ghana Free Zones. The company’s average sales cycle from first to
closing of the sales is approximately 3 to 12 days for vegetable
products. Furthermore, the company estimates that from first
contract to sales conclusion, the cycle for vegetables like
strawberries, carrots, cabbage, and onions will run three days or
less. Organic composted products sales cycle should run from 3 to
12 days.
Direct sales contacts of vegetable markets by delivery personnel, as
well as cold calling by telephone or potential market outlets, will also
be employed.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

acquisition of farm equipment's and farm inputs , green house structure, labor , warehouse facility, irrigation advertisement and marketing

acquisition of farm equipment's and farm inputs , green house structure, work labor , warehouse facility, irrigation advertisement and marketing

The Team

Nyarko Family - Farm owners

Exit Strategy

Would like to scale sales from 2.4 million to a healthy 5 million per year in the next 5 years by creating a more effective and profitable food program and marketing strategy. Will then give equity options to ownership or sell business for 3 times the purchase price. }

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Looking For : Business Strategy Expert
Equity : 2%

am looking forward to create a good business team with strong experts to execute the shovel ready business .