KJ Planning Ltd.

Location,City : Japan / Tokyo

Max Target : $ 100,000,000

Equity on offer : 10 %

Min Target : $ 1,000,000

Equity on offer : 10 %

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Stage :
Generating sales

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KJ Planning Ltd. : A very profitable business model with revenue source of retail commission from CFD brokerage trading & wholesale commission from MT4 licensed white-label platform; previously raised US$8M from investors in Japan.

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The Business

Problem: The financial markets have been more regulated than ever, leaving investors with fewer choices. Investments are vulnerable to volatility of the markets because of unstable political and economic environment, and these issues have been accelerated because of COVID-19 pandemic. Overseas remittance is now also highly regulated and exposed to the risk of exchange fluctuations.

Solution: We started our business with the goal of providing every customer transparent access to Forex market and ensure stable return on their investment with the most efficient automated trading system with the technology of AI. Furthermore, with digital currency we will create a whole new system of financial infrastructure for both individual and retail customers.

The Market

The size and depth of the forex market make it an ideal trading market. Its liquidity makes it easy for traders to sell and buy currencies without delay. This creates tight spreads for favorable quotes. Low costs, large scope to various markets and flexible trading times make it the most frequently traded market in the world.

In 2019, FX swaps comprised 49% of the total FX market turnover where it reached $3.2t, a 34% increase compared to the previous report. Spot transactions ballooned to $1.98t, a 30% rise of the global FX volume the same year.

Network connections of FX markets globally have led to an increased concentration of trading in some financial hubs, with e-trading comprising 56% of total FX trading in 2019. The dealer-to-customer segment has experienced the most significant rise as a fast-connected network over recent years.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

License acquisitions, system development fees and establishing local offices overseas.

License acquisitions, system development fees and establishing local offices overseas.

The Team

Kiju Kim - CEO

Started career in the sales departments of Samsung and Hyundai
• 8 years+ experience in managing imported automobile sales business in Korea.
• 8 years+ experience as an individual investor, gained extensive knowledge in international Forex trading
• Established KJ Planning in 2016 as a headquarter of KJ Group, responsible for making strategic decisions for the whole group as a Chief Executive Officer

Hisatoshi Takeuchi - Director

3 years experience in Nomura Securities individual and corporate sales department, engaged in sales to institutional investors and companies subject to the public offering
• Established a business consulting service in 1991
• 25 years+ experience as an advisory for business development in various areas including IT, engineering, tutoring franchise, construction, and elderly nursing
• Participated in the establishment of KJ Group in 2016 and has been working as a director of corporate planning department

Richard Kim - Director

Pioneered the Won-Dollar foreign exchange over-the-counter trading board with leverage in 2000 and contributed to the Ministry of Finance and Economy's authentic interpretation in regard to foreign currency futures and foreign exchange margin trading.
• Obtained full experience of global over-the-counter(OTC) market through the world's top 10 Forex brokers and technology firms
• Global market expert who has expanded his knowledge and experience of global exchange and OTX market in partnership with Fidelity Information Services (FIS; formerly SunGard), a global company that has connectivity to all markets around the world
• Working for KJ Group as a director of KJ Glovice KR since 2019

Younghee Lee - Director

Various experience of development of a financial solution, lease installment financing, credit financing, wholesale financing through the managing experience of Kumho Finance, a credit specialized company
• Founded Hanju Finance, which specializes in investment trusts, and has a rich experience that combines finance and technology based on direct financing experience of project financing and REITS
• Convergence financial expert who has more than 10 years of Forex experience in overseas securities companies and has excellent adaptability and openness in a rapidly changing global environment
• Working for KJ Group as a director of G-SARAM since 2019

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