Stars and stripes ventures

Location,City : Pennsylvania / East Freedom

Max Target : $ 1000000

Equity on offer : 1000 %

Min Target : $ 100,000

Equity on offer : 1000 %

Industry :
Sales and Marketing

Investment Round :

Stage :
Proof of concept

Website : Visit


My business is the Stars and Stripes Brand. My first store was Stars and Stripes Outdoors which I build to learn how this stuff works. The one I have being built now is a homedecor store. I got the suppliers from a website with technology to automate the supply chain to my website. I have the licenses and everything is legal. I am building a brand of stores focused on door to door salesman, giving back to the community and providing jobs for people around the world. This is a no brainer. I love business and I love people. We are achieving a low overhead with my business model. The stores are build for around a thousand dollars through my sources and that leaves a lot of room for marketing. Also the store once its built, I own it and only pay a very small yearly fee. There is no risk of losing the business

Notable Achievements

  • USN Letter of Accomadation Award Saving the Navy over $150,000.00

Pitch Video

The Business

This is a low overhead high output business. Marketing and people are the main focus. We build quality dropshipping stores focused on sales, the community and being unique. I have a Home Decor store now with over ten thousand products. I was mentored in sales all my life. I know how to treat customers, build a business and manage a company. This is a low overhead business so it comes down to performance and people skills. Which all I have. I am of course making these stores High Output as in using the latest technology to get traffic and do sales while you sleep. This is a no brainer for anybody but you have to be careful for people with dreams who never walked life. My vision is of everything I seen which is real. I also dont live in fear and rejection don't bother me. Just me bein me with a few stores under a brand with a good team. That's my thing too. Working Harmonious with others. I study napoleon Hill, Dale carnegie, Jim Rohn, Earl schoff as these are my current mentors. I'm a one in a billion. Dont pass up giving me the opportunity to go public with a few stores. Anybody who ever did what i have planned made it big time. I have a burning desire, a vision and god on my side.

The Market

The E commerce market is a rapidly growing market. Im choosing outdoors, toys and home decor products. Any quality products that people buy. I don't want to stick to a niche. I want to cover all the basics of human needs. The online market is booming and will continue to. Anybody who can get out there and get attention in the market will make it. It's all about public relations and marketing.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Hiring, Marketing and overhead. The business is already almost done. I put the money in myself. I still have 2 grand but need more. This is something that just needs a little boost. I have achieved a low overhead top quality E-Commerce Dropshipping store. I hold no inventory, nothing and we don't pay a dime more. This holds opportunity for men like me who are good at sales. The money is being used for traditional marketing. Road Signs, getting public attention.

Regardless im launching the business. The funds will be used to help make the company grow in all aspects needed to be successful. Your investing my life dream which coorelates with the people.

Exit Strategy

I would like to keep this for the rest of my life with the small possibility of selling.

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