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Status is the app that will keep loved ones updated while their family is in the hospital. As a general rule, hospitals and organizations, allow limited entry of visitors. Due to the risks of Covid19 these rules have now become even more strict. This application can provide a significant service for the hospital and the patient's family, by building a bridge that will provide the latest updates of the patient's condition, and also free up time that the nurses can use toward the care of their patients.

 The app will include the patients vitals, pain level, and brief comment. All updates will be deleted after they have been read.

I'm currently needing funding to further develop my app. But I believe this is a revolutionary world changing app. With the right push the sky is the limit!

Notable Achievements

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The Business

System User: Front-end User (Patient Family) Organization Nurses (will be a part of the organization)
Back-end Admin Revenue Model:
Subscription plan for organization

Business Flow: The organization can register in this platform and can start using the platform after subscribing to a particular membership plan managed by the admin Organization can add multiple nurses in their platform When patient is getting admitted to the organization, organization will be creating their account and assign it to patient family. Along with that organization will be able to assign nurse to particular patient Assigned nurse will be able to update the daily report on platform and the same will be shared with patient's family
Payment Flow:
When organization is subscribing to the platform they have to make the payment online on platform

The Market

Hospitals will haft to pay a small subscription fee. App will be free for families!

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Funds will be for completing phase 2 and 3 of app. Then the rest will be towards marketing the app.

Pay for the development of my application.

The Team

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