Location,City : United States / Columbus

Max Target : $ 100,000

Equity on offer : 35 %

Min Target : $ 25,000

Equity on offer : 15 %

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GoVent uses an algorithm as well as user's social media presence to introduce users to local businesses and experiences they may have not heard of before. Upon using the GoVent app, users are asked 3-5 basic questions such as how much they'd like to spend and how far they'd like to drive. Using GoVent's technology, we are able to provide users with an abundance of new local businesses/experiences they may have not heard of before. The goal of this is to provide small businesses a platform to connect with their target markets. GoVent provides small business owners with the opportunity to see exactly who their target market is (from a social media stand-point) and therefore giving owners the ability to market in a more efficient way.

Pitch Video

The Business

GoVent is anticipated to be a social brand rather than a singular app. Aside from our initial product, we plan on implementing far more market changing platforms that I would love to discuss with potential investors. The technology we plan on using will reshape the way local residents find new things to do as well as how businesses find and market to their target market.

The Market

The initial market we are seeking is social media savvy users with a pretty active status. We are looking for users who enjoy going out frequently (3-4+ times per month) as well as users who are engaged on the internet. We feel this market fits the age range of 20-35 year-olds with middle income.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

We are looking to develop this app and begin releasing it on a city by city basis. Columbus, OH is one of the fastest growing cities in America. We are planning on beta testing in Columbus and then branching out to larger cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

We are looking to develop a beta to use in a city (TBD) and utilize this beta to pitch to larger platforms such as Facebook as we anticipate the results from a single city beta launch would be exactly what we anticipate

The Team

Mark Brown - Founder

I am a sophomore in college living in Columbus, Ohio. I am studying to pursue a bachelors degree in marketing. From early on in my life, I was an entrepreneur. From lemonade stands to garage sale flipping to drop shipping, I did it all. I am hungry and motivated to reshape the way companies market and I believe I have the solution.

Exit Strategy

A logical exit to this company is an acquisition from a much larger social media corporation. Facebook is the most ideal to me. Facebook provides a platform that GoVent would significantly thrive on. While initially, GoVent users would give up their facebook information (likes, followers, etc), being able to use the entire platform would give users an even bigger advantage as well as giving small business owners more data regarding target markets.

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Looking For : Web Developer
Equity : 25%

I am looking for a developer to get this project from start to finish including a beta as well as a final product. This would ideally be a partner who could keep this project afloat from start to finish.