The Brem Group

Location,City : United States / Dallas

Max Target : £ 5,000,000

Equity on offer : 30 %

Min Target : £ 1000000

Equity on offer : 25 %

Industry :

Investment Round :

Stage :
Ready to launch

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At The Brem Group, we bring diverse perspectives to property management. With both student and conventional experience, we plan to revolutionize the industry for the future.

We believe in taking risks and learning along the way. Most importantly we believe when things are going left, we have the people, experience, and knowledge to make them go right.

We offer fully inclusive property management from Resi Life, Sales, and Marketing, Operations, Facilities, and Accounting.

Notable Achievements

  • Improving occupancy by 30%+ for a value ad portfolio.
  • Cutting the operating expenses by 10% YoY.
  • Having less than 5% of staffing turnover.

Pitch Video

The Business

Management Services
Leave It To The Experts. We Get The Job Done.

Resident Life Programs
We believe when our residents love where they live, they are more likely to renew their lease with us. We provide fully customized Resident Life Programs for every community.

Employee Training
The foundation of every community's success is the employees. Each new team member is provided with a customized training program that is specific to their position and community.

Being proactive instead of reactive is the core value of our operations team. With our skilled and professional operations team, we are able to manage all facets of operations.

Sales and Marketing
Markets are becoming more saturated every year, so we acknowledge the importance is having high-quality marketing. We aggressively target each community's demographic through outreach marketing, relationships, ILS', and digital marketing.

The Market

Our target markets are the Big12, SEC, Pac-12, and ACC.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

If we raise the maximum fund target we will purchase a student housing community with a 7%+ Cap Rate that is 100% occupied.

If we raise the maximum fund target we will purchase a value add student housing community with a 6%+ Cap Rate 95%+ occupied.

Exit Strategy

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