Island Escape

Location,City : The Bahamas / Nassau

Max Target : $ 70000.00

Equity on offer : 45 %

Min Target : $ 50000.00

Equity on offer : 45 %

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Posted By : Latonia King Connect


Island Escapes will offer luxury accommodations for tourists. It will confirm of different properties that will offer an authentic Bahamian experience and stay true to our culture. Visitors will have the opportunity to tap into our paradise while having a luxury experience. The goal is to raise the funds to purchase properties and begin construction.

Notable Achievements

  • Properties have been identified.

Pitch Video

The Business

Investing in Island Escapes would be beneficial to the investor and myself. It allows the investor to be a part of a owning properties in the Bahamas as well as luxury condos and Air BnBs. The market is buzzing about luxury accommodations outside of the all inclusive hotels in The Bahamas. The family islands have limited accommodations and Island Escape goal is to change that. Island escape hopes to offer luxury accommodations that stay true to our Bahamian culture.

The Market

Due to the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas has been hit drastically. Homes, hotels and entertainment were greatly hampered. The market has shown great potential for Air BnB and luxury condos over the last year seeing that our tourism industry was on pause. There is a great return for this investment.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

If the maximum target is raised, I intend to purchase two properties on Eleuthera to start building Air BnB and luxury condos.

If the minimum target is raised, I intended to purchase a property of Eleuthera to start building luxury condos.

The Team

Latonia King - Owner

Exit Strategy

There is no intention on exiting the business as this will be a day to day business.

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 45%