Dealer Trade Direct

Location,City : Jefferson / Hoover

Max Target : $ 50,000

Equity on offer : 20 %

Min Target : $ 30,000

Equity on offer : 10 %

Industry :
Business Services

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Proof of concept

Website : Visit

Posted By : James Adams Connect


I have been a car salesman for 12 years, I recently noticed a flaw in our dealer trade system being that when a customer wants a specific car we don't have we transfer it in from another dealer, in order to get it here we call a driver that leaves our dealership in a vehicle we're trading to a dealership for the vehicle we need and then that driver returns with the vehicle our customer desires.Sometimes this process takes multiple days to complete, I have developed an app and website that that automatically locates a driver near our desired vehicle to reduce the delivery time by atleast 50%. The app also provides 3rd party insurance verification and background checks as well as the ability to track the driver in route. I am seeking funding for marketing and app optimization with a projected launch date of 60 days after receiving funding. The average dealership places 22 dealer trades every month and our average fee per transfer is $20, there is about 20,000 retail dealerships in the u.s. and everyone of them is our target consumer. This is a very limited opportunity with minimal overhead and investing beyond $50,000 will not be allowed.

Pitch Video

The Business

What I am offering is a quick way to capitalize on your investment in a much larger and quicker way than any stock out there. After years of research my business is ready to launch and only lacks funding, I have filed articles of incorporation invested $10,000 of my own money in developing the app, have a patent pending and now am ready to launch. I have kept this out of the hands of other dealers and employees at my dealership and with funding can be operational within 2-3 months of funding. The numbers on even start up are great, there are 20,000 dealers nation wide, if only 250 of those are using this service, averaging 22/month at $20/each the total monthly revenue would be around $110,000 of which your 20% would be $22,000/month. If 3000 use it (which is the first year goal) the monthly revenue is $1,320,000 of which you would receive $264,000/month. The numbers on this are great but I need your help to make it happen. I look forward to our future together!

The Market

There is no competition and nothing remotely operating like this for automotive dealers.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Marketing and a full optimization on the app being created to fully reach the desired use of the dealership.


The Team

James Adams - Owner

Exit Strategy

No plan to leave for a while

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