Vibe7 @ Co. Real Estate

Location,City : United Arab Emirates / Dubai

Max Target : $ 500000

Equity on offer : 10 %

Min Target : $ 350000

Equity on offer : 10 %

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Generating sales

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The business was established in 2019 as a freelance real estate agency. Currently, the net profit brings up a valuation of AED 25000 a month (USD 6800). Funds were used to buy and lease properties across Dubai. As there is no registered license for Real Estate Agency, we are currently operating on a Trading license. The main aim is to bring the company as a registered Real Estate firm and to expand operations in the Dubai Market.

Notable Achievements

  • Sold 12 units in Burj Vista in November 2020, valuing a commission of AED 3.5 Million.

Pitch Video

The Business

Our story begins with a vision to create a world where communities become the catalyst for connection. We’re not just another developer, real estate company, restaurant, or corner gym. We’re a brand dedicated to helping people connect.
When we start the company in 2019, we see an industry built on products, not people. We introduce a new way of building communities. Not just a place to live, but a place to call home. Then, we realized we could do more. Our vision extends to other shared spaces — where you gather to eat, where you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and where you find your next place to call home. With meaningful connections at the core of our common purpose, we’re able to create a sense of place and belonging within our communities.
Our Values:
Our values serve as our compass. They're more than words on paper or a cheeky analogy. They keep us grounded. They keep us focused on what matters. Our values across departments, roles, and brands; are the beliefs and ideals that guide our behaviors and actions.
We collectively celebrate wins, support taking risks, and take personal accountability when we make mistakes.
We create value by understanding our customer's needs and consistently delivering what we promise.
We want you to be you. Express yourself, be vulnerable, and connect with others. Take action to ensure everyone is in the know.
We act as one team, extending trust and respect to each other in pursuit of our collective goals.
At Vibe7 & Co, leadership is a choice, not a designation. We want leaders who set the pace through their expectations and example, and who provide inspiration, empathy, and confidence to all.

The Market

Residential property demand in Dubai will remain substantially strong over the next two decades, as the emirate will require almost the double of existing supply, because of a likely increase in the city’s population.
According to the Dubai Statistics Centre, the supply of apartments and villas in Dubai is over 690,498 units as of 2020, catering to the city’s 3.4 million (m) population.

Analysts estimate that Dubai will require between 483,000 and 550,000 additional residential units over the next two decades to accommodate its estimated 5.4m population by 2040.

The requirement of new units is estimated between 24,150 and 27,500 a year.

Under the 2040 Urban Master Plan that was launched in early March, Dubai’s population is expected to increase from the existing 3.4m to 5.8m by 2040. The emirate will have five main urban centres, including two new ones.

Currently, the total number of residential units in Dubai stands at around 555,000. To service the total expected population level by 2040, we’re likely to need this number roughly double.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Currently, the company is running as a Freelance real estate agency. Investment money would be used to open up an office, expand the advertising and marketing, and hire more agents to the company.

Investment money would be used to open up an office and hire more agents for the company.

The Team

Rezwin Farhan - Founder

Result-oriented professional, possessing 6 years of excellent business and area sales management experience in the Real Estate industry. A graduate in Internation Business and Corporate Marketing. A Public Speaker and motivator in the Educational and Career development sector. Bilingual proficient in 6 languages and possess good skills in Sales, Customer Relations and Digital Marketing. Previously employed as Senior Property Consultant for Global Heritage Properties, and as Operations Manager with Property Expo.

Exit Strategy

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