Casey And Keller { Children's }

Location,City : Canada / Kingston

Max Target : $ 559,000

Equity on offer : 40 %

Min Target : $ 250,000

Equity on offer : 7 %

Industry :
Entertainment & leisure

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :

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Casey And Keller Children's Books PLUS MERCH store { online }.
I am Creator / Author of 2 Children's Characters...Casey And Keller. Presently have 5 Books written and AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE ONLINE { Plus continue to write } Building the Casey And Keller BRAND . My characters are protected. Put the children's books out while at the same time building up the Merch store so that their are 2 streams of revenue from the onset. For ages 3-7. QUIRKY...CUTE....Fraternal Red-Head mixed race twins will bring JOY to little ones worldwide. EARLY BUY IN OPTION AVAILABLE for 300,000 on a 60-40 profit sharing split on ALL Casey And Keller Revenue streams FOR THE LIFE of the Brand or a SELLING of the Brand in the future! 60 percent Profit Sharing would be mine/Creator , Investor 40 PERCENT PROFIT SHARING. Think about Dora The explorer and ALL the Children's Brands out there! I WILL DO THIS with Casey And Keller! ALL CORRESPONDENSE WILL BE THRU HERE ON GUNNGA. serious investors ONLY who have businesses or firms in the U.S. and Or Canada.

Notable Achievements

  • Editor's Choice Awards Winner thru The National Library of Poetry
  • 30 years Freelance Writer
  • English Award
  • Short story contest winner , Greeting Cards

Pitch Video

The Business

The Children's industry is a HUGE market. Merchandising is even BIGGER! My business will be 2-fold. Publish & SELL Casey and Keller Children's Books on KDP AND also SELL Casey And Keller MERCH in which will increase Brand Awareness. Continuously put out Casey and Keller Books. Also have the books produced in Audio so that I capture that income royalty stream as well. THE MERCH STORE will be exactly that....a wide variety of Casey And Keller MERCH such as : Children's Clothing, Shoes, Rain boots, Umbrella's, Wall art, Rugs , Shower Curtains , Bedding , Puzzles/Toys...Bath Stuff Ect...

The Market

This industry, the Children's MERCH industry is worth Billions of dollars! Think about all the potential that comes from a Great Children's Book/Brand...Merchandise , Television, Netflix , Licensing......the opportunities are endless and HUGE! Example : Dora The Explorer

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Building My Casey And Keller Children's BRAND up. Currently 5 of the Casey and Keller Books are available ONLINE AMAZON, monies needed to pay illustrator and get the next 4 Books out, money to further build up the Casey and Keller MERCH Shopify store, money for marketing, Advertising, Promotions. ONLY FUNDS COMING DIRECTLY FROM THE U.S. OR CANADA will be considered! WE can NEGOTIATE the Equity. This Brand will eventually lead to u tube , Licensing, and Television in the this is an opportunity to jump in on the ground floor!

pay illustrator , Marketing, Advertising, Promotional works, Contests To further build BRAND AWARENESS on every Social Media

The Team

Wendy Hatfield -

Owner/Creator And Author of Casey And Keller. I am in my early 50's and I am a woman with disabilities. I prefer to look at, my Abilities. Natural born entrepreneur spirit. My love and passion for Creating and Writing for Children run deep. I have good knowledge about the industry and how to connect the dots. Because of being a person with disabilities living on a disability income, traditional Financing has never been an option. { Banks don't lend to the poor }. I'm a creative, very intelligent woman who knows what to do....but just needs some funding help to do it! TO INVESTOR : I only want ONE investor. An EARLY BUY-IN OPTION can be made available to investor for 250,000. 60/40 PROFIT SHARING ....For life! 60 is me/Owner. This can include future Licensing , Ect..... For Casey And Keller.

Exit Strategy

Will Not Be Exiting UNLESS I decided to SELL Casey And Keller OUT-RIGHT

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