Trinity Films Productions

Location,City : United States / Camarillo, Ca

Max Target : $ 2,000,000

Equity on offer : 18 %

Min Target : $ 80,000

Equity on offer : 13 %

Industry :
Entertainment & leisure

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Trinity Films Productions (TFP) is a minority female owned and operated independent film company. Our Mission Statement is: Provide Enigmatic and Conceptual Entertainment to a New Age of Cinematic Audience. Our company Credo is: Extraordinary Things from Ordinary People.

Notable Achievements

  • Modos the Prophecy Armageddon - Feature film.
  • House of Bouge' - Television reality show.
  • Modos - Television series consisting of four episodes which appeared on nationwide TV.
  • Authored and published a supernatural fiction Trilogy. Authored and published a mini bio of her introduction to the US arriving as an 8 year old.
  • Teaser reels - These showcase our 2 projects we are prepared to film.

Pitch Video

The Business

TFP sees a need to implement new line cinema; i.e. euro-cinema, and independent films into mainstream media: products that will capture the temperament of today’s world issue’s and development in a now fast-paced society. New and innovative ideas are constantly being created. We are staying ahead of the curve by constantly brainstorming concepts that are daring and financially successful.

The Market

The film industry supports a community of approximately 2.1 million workers. This includes costume designers, makeup artists, stuntmen, writers, and actors. Minorities are included in 12.5% of this, and in some crafts even less. This industry provides more than $11.4 billion per year to the U.S. and Canadian economies while contributing billions to the country’s tax coffers. According to the MPAA, the motion picture and television industry is a nationwide network of small businesses, comprising more than 93,000 businesses in total in 2019. Over 45,000 businesses are involved in distributing films and television shows to consumers. Motion picture and television production relies on a network of businesses to bring projects to fruition.

Movie Theaters - 2016 Total Employees 149,811
Movie/Video Distribution Employees - 2015 Average Wage $130,171
Movie/Video Production Employees - 2015 Average Wage $94355
2019 Data
US Film Industry Specific Employees Total 428,900
Jobs in Production, Marketing, Manufacturing, Distribution - Income - 68% Above National Average

Small Business Support - 93,000 businesses of which 87% have less than 10 workers
Global Box Office Viewing - $42.2 billion
Global Home/Mobile $58.8 billion

US and Canada Box Office & Viewers
$11.4 Billion $ US

US and Canada Box Office & Viewers 76% of population went to a movie at least 1x
US and Canada Box Office & Viewers - Highest in attendance age 12 - 24
US and Canada Box Office & Viewers - 55 % of adults view TV or films on a mobile device.
US and Canada Box Office & Viewers - 85% of children view TV or films on a mobile device
US and Canada Box Office & Viewers Digital market - 29% increase

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Pay debt, company officer wages, rent office/furnishings, obtain company transportation, insurance, hire attorney, bookkeeper, screenwriter, location scout, interview and hire crew and cast for 1st film project shoot, conduct table reads, hire a post editor, travel to film location, shoot film, edit and publicise project pre and post filming. Upon completion commence plans for filming 2nd film project.

Obtain company transportation, insurance, hire attorney, bookkeeper, screenwriter, location scout, interview and hire crew and cast for 1st film shoot, conduct table reads, hire a post editor, travel to film location, shoot film, edit and advertise project pre and post filming.

The Team

Yvette Araujo - CEO

Ms. Araujo has long had a deep interest in the entertainment industry. She has been a model, actress, creator, Executive Producer, director, and a creator/hostess of TV program in Detroit, Sister Blvd. To home the program she created "Ground Floor Productions". The show did well until the network was purchased by Hallmark Network at which time the program was ended as it did not fit Hallmark's business model.

Ronald Pekkala Sr. - CFO, Business Manager

Mr. Pekkala has been with TFP for 8 plus years. Starting as Location Scout, he quickly found his role expanding to interviewing cast and crew candidates, assisting in Table Reads interfacing with the selected location film board, newspaper, police department and businesses. When filming began his role became Production Assistant, donut provider, actor, (poor) and location personnel manager.

Vaughan Thomas - SEO

Mr. Thomas works for a media management company as Content Creator/Consultant. As TFP's SEO he spent many hours as he created most of the company websites.

Exit Strategy

We will sell the business or our manuscripts/ideas/existing footage to any interested party before or after filming our two ready to start projects. Our criteria for sale is price and guarantee of Yvette getting onscreen credit as creator for both projects and the ideas she has for additional projects.}

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We have a PR representative at this time.}

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