Location,City : Spain / Alhaurin el Grande

Max Target : $ 500,000

Equity on offer : 20 %

Min Target : $ 100,000

Equity on offer : 5 %

Industry :
Energy & Natural Resources

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Generating sales

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Posted By : Anne Zammattio Connect


Bring traditional farming and true organic products back to our families. Rebuild an olive farm for handpicked products only and local co-op back to life.

We bought this farm in 2017 with the thought of bringing back healthy products back into our lives and restore nature growing habitats. Having fought cancer in the family, malnutrition and constant illness we challenged our selves to give back to Earth, who in return will grant Her us her fruits.
Unfortunately in 2018 we got hit with severe storms and damages. We had an earthquake that damaged severely the property main structure and the farm in general. All our funds at that point went into restoring the main damaged areas.
Also due to inland highway construction our natural water supply got damaged and dried out one of the main water supplies for farm. Given all the climate change and drought, this certainly impacted all the young trees we had invested in and planted.
Then Covid 19 hit, which we continued to keep one grounds men to maintain the property to its bare minimum. However we are struggling at this point to keep it functioning.

Our goal is to establish back its beauty and life. Getting the farm producing again, with a reduced carbon footprint, and having families see the wonder of protecting our environment and what it can do for us. Leave electronics behind and come spend a day enjoying the wonders of nature. Taste its fruits and natural products that can be produced.

Notable Achievements

  • Best handpicked - cold pressed non filtered - Virgin Olive Oil you will ever taste

Pitch Video

The Business

Invest in our venture. Share the fruits of its labor.
The Farm has 5 shares. Become owner of 1 share.
1 share of the crops is granted to the workers
1 share of the crops is granted to the volunteers
1 share of the crops is a current investor
1 share of the crops is for the current owner.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

These funds will be used to bring back life to this traditional farm. Water well has to get restored as highway constructions destroyed the natural water supply, restoration of grounds, create natural compost facility, plant new flowering plants to reestablish natural eco system, renew irrigation system and water depots, install watering filtration system, restore destroyed storage area by storms in 2018, rebuild greenhouse facility, install solar paneling, install Geothermal heating and cooling to reduce carbon footprint, plant new trees in the destroyed areas to create diversity in crops and pollination, fencing, establish co-op with other local product providers (cheese, eggs, fruits, etc...) , build the beehives, create a pumpkin/gourd plantation, build visitor area, expand the land ...

Water Well has to get restored as highway constructions destroyed the natural water supply. renew irrigation system install watering filtration system

The Team

Anne Zammattio - Owner

Strong self starter individual that is dedicated and passionate. Worked for the corporate world the last 20 years and is ready to give back to what is important in life. Health, family and Respect for Earth .
(speak 5 languages, MBA, Senior Level Corporate world experience (2 major hospitality companies), financial savvy and strategic, wood worker, avid gardener, builder ....)

Luz M Salas - Co-Owner

Brilliant heart and sole of the beauty of mother Nature. Hard working and dedicated.
Realtor, Facility maintenance and project management oriented.
Botanical guru, natural soap creator and natural herbal guru.

Exit Strategy

Make an offer

Join our team

Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 2%

Receive 2% commission on funds raised 100K-300K
Receive 5% commission on funds raised 300-500K
exceeding goals will give you 2% of the crops share. (2020-2040)