Tings Fuel Station

Location,City : Ghana / Ghana

Max Target : $ 900000000.00

Equity on offer : 100 %

Min Target : $ 900000000.00

Equity on offer : 100 %

Industry :
Energy & Natural Resources

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The Oil & Gas industry is known to offer marginal but stable returns to investors all over the world. Abundant returns are expected by participating in this business which is not only stable but also long term. Profitability is assured with oil and gas prices being regulated by the Energy Regulatory Commission of Kenya which enables the variable of price to be under constant check which assists in protecting the consumer and enables the business to be conducted in a professional manner. In the last eight years, Kenya has seen a Devolved system of government being rolled out which has had significant effects on the movement of people as more services get devolved within the counties in an effort to bring services closer to the people. Even though movement into the capital city is still heavy in the spirit of urbanization, movement within the counties is very rampant. I live next to a road that is showing a traffic that is tremendously growing of which I intend to buy a plot next to it and build a small commercial building with a fuel station at the forecourt. I have already approached the owner of the plot who is optimistic at selling the plot to me. The need for transport services have a direct impact on Oil and Gas products and the demand for these products is definitely on a rising trend necessitating the creation of more centers of distribution. The fuel station I intend to erect will serve this purpose in the Semi Rural location in Kiambu County where I come from. Special developments that will contribute to the demand of Oil and Gas products includes the construction of the Eastern Bypass Superhighway which will have a link on Kiambu Githunguri road at a point near where I intend to erect a fuel station. Further inquiries reveal that there is still yet another road that gets to Ethiopia which may also link up with Kiambu Githunguri road which means that the flow of traffic will be astonishingly high on this road in the future. I wish to be positioned to exploit the opportunities availed by these developments whenever they shall take place. In line with a heavily growing population, need for household consumer products is likewise set to increase in order to satisfy the human basic need of survival. Considering this parameter as well, I intend to have a mini supermarket alongside the fuel station to cater for the needs of motorists and residents of the semi rural home where I come from. The project at hand will therefore have these two businesses alongside each other and I do expect to have a real estate development construction in the future to cater for the commercial needs of letting space in this locality as well. Considering that this is a project in its own right, whose returns are expected in the future, am seeking Equity finance type of financing with an exit strategy to oversee the commencement of the project at the most favorable terms. This Proposal considers a finance facility amounting to US$900 Million for use in the purchase of a plot, construction of the fuel station and supermarket and for purchase of inventory, leaving completion of the building to a three storey facility in the future when more capital would be availed. Am confident that the business will assist in offering community services very much needed in the locality that I come from and also offer gainful employment to over twenty people in addition to contributing to GDP of the country as well. I very much look forward to a willing project financier for this worthwhile project.

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Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Oil And Gas Refinery development/construction.

Oil And Gas Refinery development/construction.

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Stephanie D Smith - Owner

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