Sliderz & Mo'

Location,City : United States / SAN DIEGO

Max Target : $ 25000

Equity on offer : 33.3 %

Min Target : $ 1000

Equity on offer : 1 %

Industry :
Food & beverage

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Ready to launch

Website : Visit


Sliderz & Mo' is exactly what it sounds like. we will be selling a variety of sliders; beef, chicken, pork belly ,meat ball, fish and 2 type of veggies sliders with optional side of fries, Onion rings or sweet potatoes. We will also have a wide of variety of chicken wings that automatically comes with celery and carrots.

Notable Achievements

  • 15 years in the industry
  • Help started a successful restaurant as an exc. Chef with a $8M of sales annually

Pitch Video

The Business

The location of the business is at a heavily traffic Beach area in mission Beach, CA. We plan on having a grand opening in middle March, 2020.
It costs anywhere from $0.35 to $0.47 to make each sliders. We plan on selling each one at $1.99 but our main goal is to sell our combo menu which include three sliders with a side and a drink for $8.99
Our wings will be $7.00, all our sides will be $3.00 to add 7 wings as a side to your combo it will be $5.00 extra.
The place is fully equipped, the rent is $3800 a month. The place is fairly small we have to have six employees to run it successfully.
If the average person spend $8 and we see about 150 people a day that's $1,200 a day which will bring a total of $36,000 of sales.
Our profit margin is 52.71%.
After 90 days of our grand opening all investors will start to receive a check based on profits ( not sales)

The Market

The market speak for itself people will always buy food, we seen a declined in retails but not in the food & beverage industry. Last year Wingstop and White Castle combined a revenue of $900M. The location of where the restaurant will be has a high tourist visitors rate and about 20k cars drive by daily.(data available upon request)

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

We would put it toward inventory and payroll.

It will go towards inventory and payroll.

The Team


I'm a 15 years veteran in the industry. I understand location and food is everything. You will not lose any money working with me. I'm an immigrant who works hard.

Exit Strategy

I plan on working with same investors as I grow this place to 15 locations and exit.

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Looking For : Business Strategy Expert
Equity : 33%

I don't mind a silent investor but I could use someone who can guide me as I grow this business to 15 locations.