Gramlite integrated technologies Ltd

Location,City : Uganda / Jinja

Max Target : $ 45000

Equity on offer : 30 %

Min Target : $ 29000

Equity on offer : 20 %

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Manufacturing & Engineering

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Ready to launch

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sustainability. We recognize a growing need for efficient lighting and a need for that lighting to be
inexpensive. GRAMLITE has a design to incorporate Light Emitting Diodes (LED) in a manner
to achieve an inexpensive lighting system that requires less than 1/3 of the energy to operate as
current lighting systems and lasts up to 5 times as long. The design includes optimizing lighting
conditions through the use of LED’s in conjunction with reflectors positioned at critical angles to
direct light only where it is needed. . We do assembling of LED bulbs on small scale. I would like to increase production to 1000 bulbs a day but this requires better machines and raw materials to a tune of $45000

Notable Achievements

  • Acquired good and dedicated management team
  • Establish good base of distributors
  • In good touch with supplier of raw materials and machines
  • Hired assembling premises for two years

Pitch Video

The Business

Doing assemblimg of LED after day. The hunger for consumption of power is ever increasing by new gadgets, house hold
power requirement; industrial power needs, and over all country power capacity plays a key role
in development of the economy of the country. It is therefore always a challenge for the
government to keep generating more and more power for economic and social growth. Added to
the challenges in generation of power, another social challenge is to provide subsidy for making it
affordable for the people. This adds a mounting pressure on the government. Several governments
worldwide have heavily invested into communicating conservation of power at user end and
suggested and implemented rationing also but have not solved the problems in several decades.
However, in the new scenario the use of new technology can help power conservation which is
easier model compared to power generation.
It is now a no brainer that LED Lights is the key to tomorrow’s bright world. Is not only
providing low power consumption but is long lasting as well. Key challenge remains the logistics
and availability of the right product, which GRAMLITE plans to solve and ensure availability of
right products, locally at competitive prices.
About LEDs
Light emitting diodes (LED) as they are commonly known are the new age semi-conductors
lighting source. It is now established and a known fact that the future is LED lighting, it is an uphill
task for the humanely to keep generating power at the cost of expensive natural resources and at
the same time burn them in a wasteful form of high energy consuming lights. World is already
chasing solution to innovate solutions and products which use less and less power. TV, 5 Star
Energy Appliances to name a few and LED lighting among others.
LED lighting will provide significant energy and lamp replacement savings, long term reliability
and enhanced 'user friendly' light quality. LED lighting consumes up to 80% less energy and lasts
over 50,000 hours (11 ½ years at 12 hours per day, 7 days per week) -to eliminate light bulb (and
ballast) replacements and disposal for years to come. Also, because LED lighting emits very little
heat, air conditioning is no longer required to compensate for that heat -reducing energy costs even

The Market

It is now a no brainer that LED lights is a solutulion to today's power problem. Customers are available for my products.LED lighting system provides advantages over conventional lighting systems in terms of better
energy efficiency, better energy costs, longer lifetime, less temperature, sensitivity, higher light
output. This leads them to be better Lighting substitute and good market prospect.
LED lights are very popular for the time being, therefore the market prospect for LED based
Lighting system is good and booming both at local market and online/export market.
The LED lamp market will grow at 12% annually to reach $25 billion in 2023. Hence LED light
manufacturing is a profitable investment opportunity.
We recognize a growing need for efficient lighting and a need for that lighting to be inexpensive
The market size is assumed to be growing with an increase in demand for electricity. This growth
suggests new lighting has to be installed in many home steads, in many schools and business
buildings among other new constructed units which provides opportunities for the LED bulbs.
 Market size in Uganda is close to USD 50 Million in next 3 years
 The major contributors to this market growth are the increasing interest in sustainability
and environmental impacts of energy consumption. The government has also increased
spending in programs dedicated to sustainability and energy efficient products, which will
drive more interest and support. The trends for efficient lighting have been growing with
the increase in new technology and greater education and awareness of the environmental
impacts of energy usage.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Purchasing better machinery and equipments for the production of LED lights
Purchasing raw materials for LED bulbs
Production expenses

Purchasing machinery and equipments plus raw materials

The Team

Mbayo Peter - Company CEO

Has a Bachelors degree of Science with Education and pursuing masters degree in Physics from Busitema University, Uganda. He has a post graduate Diploma in Business administration.

Exit Strategy

The goal of this business is to grow into a conglomerate where it will have many different energy
efficient products as well as alternative energy generation products under its product lines. There
is a possibility that the company will be sold to a larger competitor if the secondary markets don’t
prove to be as strong as first thought. In this case the terms of sale will be based on fair market
value of the company and the personnel will be compensated for any shares that they may hold.
The positions held by individuals will be secured and honored by the purchaser as part of the
terms of sale.

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