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Min Target : $ 7000000

Equity on offer : 5 %

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Brime is a new innovative live video streaming platform in the space. Our goal, based on our years of research of the market, is to fulfill the ever-growing demand & needs of content creators as well as advertisers & events that other platforms lack to fulfill. We are currently a remote team of 2 and have accomplished a lot in the past year and a half as a small team. Zach Davis our Co-Founder & CEO has extensive knowledge of the streaming industry and keeps up with the ever growing trends that develop, keeping a close eye on what other platforms are doing as well as what creators & brands are doing. Justin Watson, our Co-Founder & CTO has previously founded his own telecom company and was previously the Chief Technology Officer for The World Games this past summer in Birmingham, Alabama. Justin brings years of experience of software engineering, devops, telecommunications, and has coded everything you see on today.

We believe we have a significant opportunity to enter this space and take significant market share from other video streaming platforms & services due to their continuous negligence and lack of innovation for the past decade.

Notable Achievements

  • Have been approached by large streamers committed to joining the platform
  • We operate and own our own infrastructure and tech
  • 56,000 followers on Twitter
  • Built an MVP in a year and a half

Pitch Video

The Business

Brime is one of the only and one of the first video streaming platforms to broadcast AV1. AV1 is a new video codec that allows us to save over 50% in bandwidth costs while maintaining the same quality. This will allow us to offer enterprise customers lower pricing while still making profit, whereas our competitors will be maintaining their insanely expensive pricing models. As well as offering regular users a service that uses less bandwidth, removing any barrier of entry that would limit a user to stream to our service due to a lack of their devices capacity to.

We are committed to solving the many issues that content creators face on other platforms on a daily basis. Regular everyday consumers are not able to get discovered if they are new to a platform, due to a lack of built-in discoverability features that would help a creator build an audience. It is important to have these discoverability features built-in to a platform as it not only supports the content creator, but it also supports all parties involved from the platform, the viewer, and the advertisers. A content creator wants to be able to build a presence and grow their own brand, while also making a living, a viewer wants to discover content that they would enjoy, then a platform will earn from helping build the success of its creators off revenue shares, and lastly advertisers want to make sure their ads get the most reach and that they are targeted to the right audience.

There are a few features we have built and have in the works to promote built-in discoverability. Such as algorithms to curate streamers for a user based on their interests, or our clips feed where users can infinitely scroll through short-form videos of creators on the platform that other users have clipped from their long-form livestreams. These short-form clips give a user a glimpse of a content creator that could lead them to finding their new favorite creator.
For the past year and a half we have gained a significant interest in what we’re building, which reaffirms that what we are working on is in high demand by the consumer. We’ve gained over 56,000 followers on Twitter alone and since launching our open beta 20,000 users have registered and over 61,000 chat messages have been sent. As well as over 6,273 hours streamed (as of October 17th 2022) since Jan 5th 2022. We have also engaged in conversations with large content creators on other platforms about their interest in building their own live streaming platform, as more creators look for alternatives and solutions to their needs.

The Market

Our main competitors are Twitch, Facebook Gaming, TikTok Live, and YouTube Live / Gaming.

As previously mentioned, our competitors in the space have lacked to innovate or meet the needs of their creators and even advertisers for some. Below we will go through each and will be referencing what we have heard from thousands of users about these platforms and what they are looking for.

Twitch - On a consistent basis, Twitch trends on Twitter for something bad that has happened. Twitch has been described by multiple large creators as a “dumpster fire.” With the issues of lowering creators revenue share to 50/50, unregulated gambling being targeted to minors (tweet reference), no built-in discoverability, partner contracts that lock them exclusively to Twitch, leadership out of touch with it’s creators (video reference), lack of consistent, transparent, and fair moderation, forcing content creators to run ridiculous ads that last 9 minutes long disrupting the live experience (tweet reference), and much more. We have had a lot of creators jump ship to us to utilize our tools that help creators and do not have these problems. The leadership at Twitch, ever since being acquired by Amazon, has failed its users and also its advertisers. It is nearly guaranteed that if you search “Twitch” on Google and click the News tab, it will be filled with the latest bad news about the platform.

Facebook Gaming - When speaking with our users and previous FB Gaming creators, they have all expressed the same. Facebook Gaming does not have the culture or audience for livestreams, particularly gaming streams. Gaming is seen as an industry that is mostly targeted for the 13 - 35 age range. Users have expressed that, with its direct affiliation with Facebook, is targeted for older audiences.

TikTok Live - TikTok itself as a platform is very successful, however its Live component lacks significantly. Creators, if even eligible, earn less than 50% of revenue share. Creators are also limited to a vertical video format which is not ideal for live content and are not allowed stream keys. Stream keys allow a creator to broadcast from any device, such as a computer. This means creators can only stream on TikTok Live with their phone, no other device. This is a huge issue especially for events or brands that want to use TikTok Live. TikTok has also recently changed their age requirement to use live from 16 to 18 (reference). In general, TikTok also lacks proper moderation and safety features and concern for user data privacy (reference).
YouTube Live / Gaming - YouTube is a great resource for creators to upload long form video content. On its Live side, YouTube does well for events such as an Apple Event but for everyday creators we have seen it is not the most ideal for live content. Some content creators have switched from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, but we have tracked their analytics since switching and have noticed a decrease in their viewership. Many viewers and creators have stated that they feel a lack of “culture” and are not a fan of the UI and overall user experience.

We constantly keep an eye on what the industry is doing and what users are saying about these platforms and work swiftly to take advantage of the lack of their leadership's understanding of their own users and their lack of innovation. As a startup, we are able to quickly adapt without red tape in our workflow. We know what users want and what is best for them, as we are users ourselves.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

With this we will expand our team of developers and business team and start marketing our platform. We are limited in growing currently because of lack of funding, as we want to make sure we can handle a mass influx of users and take advantage of that influx with things such as a sales team.

We will still expand our team but at a smaller scale until our Series A, and would have less marketing funds to deal with.

The Team

Zach Davis - Co-Founder & CEO

Justin Watson - Co-Founder & CTO

Exit Strategy

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