Saniquarium LLC

Location,City : United States / Columbus

Max Target : $ 350000

Equity on offer : 30 %

Min Target : $ 50000

Equity on offer : 8 %

Industry :
Personal services

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Generating sales

Website : Visit

Posted By : Kyle Galloway Connect


I have started a mobile aquarium solutions business to design, install, maintain and repair saltwater, freshwater, and koi ponds on-site while also making available all the necessary equipment for optimal aquatic ecosystem stability at the client's home or place of business. I am looking for investors to help me make this company the first mobile aquarium solutions franchise opportunity in the US.

Notable Achievements

  • I have begun advertising in my market area and within the last month procured 3 clients for 12 month service contracts. Each monthly payment from these clientele are well over $100.
  • I have started this company during the COVID-19 pandemic and have bootstrapped every aspect of this company on my own so far. I have all the confidence in the world that I will achieve 100% ROI within the next 12 months.

Pitch Video

The Business

This is an opportunity to become the very first mobile aquarium related pet service company to become a franchise opportunity for future entrepreneurs at a very affordable price.

The Market

The aquarium industry is growing exponentially every year. Becoming more affordable for every family in the USA. There are more pet fish in American homes than dogs and cats combined. There is a huge opportunity for growth in this market with the right minds on board.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

-Purchase and modify the most efficient vehicle for aquarium services.
-Hire top prospects to create brand recognition and solidify the business model to become a franchise opportunity.
-down payment on warehouse to manufacture custom aquariums.
-job creation in manufacturing, marketing, research and development, and HR.

-Purchase of vehicle to be modified for aquarium service.
-hiring a Top-notch team to solidify business model to become a franchise opportunity and build brand recognition.

The Team

Kyle Galloway - Founder/President

Kyle had taken his passion in the aquarium hobby and combined his experience in customer service, quality control, carpentry, and machine maintenance to create Saniquarium LLC. Adding his creative mind to the mix has built a solid foundation for Saniquarium to begin growing almost immediately. The company has already procured a solid clientele base and is working hard to build a much larger following.

Maryann Green - Quality control

Maryann has the special ability to take the client's preferences and create a seamless display and flawless efficiency before all projects are finalized. She has created the Saniquarium standard of quality that all our projects must meet before the project can be deemed complete.

Exit Strategy

I plan to exit this business when I no longer have anything to contribute to the company's growth and success.

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Join our team

Looking For : Business Strategy Expert
Equity : 5%

Looking for someone to build a mobile franchise opportunity out of the business I have started. This is a recession proof business with the opportunity of a rapid ROI.

Looking For : Finance Director
Equity : 5%

I need an individual that can ensure this business is able to handle its finances accordingly without problems.

Looking For : Digital Marketing Specialist
Equity : 5%

I am looking for someone with the capability to build an outstanding marketing campaign and find the best channels to advertise and create new clientele.