Location,City : United States / Fort Bragg

Max Target : $ 35000.00

Equity on offer : 75 %

Min Target : $ 2500.00

Equity on offer : 65 %

Industry :
Manufacturing & Engineering

Investment Round :

Stage :

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Epoxy resin sliding interior doors, that use mica pigments and halographic and iridescent mixed into the epoxy. Using thermochromatic ink into the epoxy. Also solar dust and glow pigment. Alongside using items as a inlay. For example money, food, gems and minerals even photos. This would help with conserving trees and timber industry and epoxy resin is very durable and secure.

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Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Use the money to buy business name and license, and materials and products, packaging and hardware. Shipping cost. Marketing. And faux finishes and epoxy resin.


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