Power Spheres

Location,City : United States / Medina

Max Target : $ 50000

Equity on offer : 5 %

Min Target : $ 25000

Equity on offer : 2 %

Industry :
Energy & Natural Resources

Investment Round :

Stage :

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I am an inventor with an Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering background. I have a generator at 500mm radius capable of 42MW with 8.891lbs per foot pressure for each cycle and one capable of 142 MW, They all work on compressed air.

Notable Achievements

  • Computer Engineering Degree

Pitch Video

The Business

The Idea is to patent and prototype these generators, then license them out to car companies, energy companies, generator companies.

The Market

The market is the energy sector and the automobile sector. It's pros are it's green and for it's size it's more powerful than nuclear.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

I would prototype the Power Sphere Version 3 and 4. I would also get patents for both generators.

I would get patents on Version 3 and Version 4 generator.

Exit Strategy

As soon as I license this out to every available company I plan on developing better versions.}

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Equity : 2%


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