Aim for Softer Rocks

Location,City : United States / Fort Collins

Max Target : $ 5000

Equity on offer : 25 %

Min Target : $ 5000

Equity on offer : 25 %

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This is two-fold, it will allow us to build a frame jig to start building bicycles post carbon fiber frame mold, and also building the initial launch of a dual sport bicycle.
Our jig design is visualized to be mobile and allow for a180 degree build where we can focus on the whole bike, to concentrate on attention to quality and individuality of creating a product for the individual rider.

Our work is hand-laid carbon fiber frames. I will be using a foam core, with a hand-laid fiberglass shell then carbon fiber. The carbon fiber will be a combination of red and black weave to provide an aesthetic that is solely our own. The frame has stable structural and cosmetic aspects to allow for a combination of flexibility, strength, and rigidity on a variety of riding surfaces.The frame has a ridged front half and dual rear drivelines that can be swapped out, allowing for full suspension or rigid tail depending on rider preferences.

The goal of this design and build is to create not only a functional bicycle, but also a rolling work of art. Colin Chapman said "Simplify then add lightness" which is the ethos of our design. Our aim is to build something by hand that is made to attack a brutal trail, or cruise through the city, handle well, be comfortable and look like no other.

Lastly, Colin Chapman also said "rules are for the obedience of fools and interpretations of smart men"
We aim to change the rules of what it is, what will be and what can be.

Notable Achievements

  • 3 years of fiber glass training
  • 15 years of Audi/porsche repair and training
  • 20 years of racing/building custom BMX/mountain bikes.

Pitch Video

The Business

My business is a local organization, designed to create a stronger, lighter and more efficient bike. We have a unique "Frunk" ( mid frame trunk), dual drive line and easy to adapt frame design. The design and creation is done by hand on a smaller scale by 1-2 builders and artisans from the local biking careers.

The Market

my market is riders that want to ride custom made bikes that are stronger, more designed for the individual rider and made on a smaller scale.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

The funds will allow me to build the frame jig, materials and equipment to start building the initial frames

I have already started building the start of my mountain bike frame in fiberglass and foam, the funds will allow me to continue and produce the molds and frames.

The Team

Robert Cope -

20 year racing experience, Porsche/Audi trained, head builder

Exit Strategy

collaborate and incorporate with a larger manufacturer

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