Location,City : Tanzania / Nairobi

Max Target : £ 2500000

Equity on offer : 20 %

Min Target : £ 25000

Equity on offer : 2 %

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Ready to launch

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1.1.1 Go is a mobile app marketplace enabling all the 250 million+ smart phone owners living in Africa to order for anything: ride hailing; tutors; delivery; shopping; short stay rentals; plumbers, doctors, maids, etc.
1.1.2 Go Apps
1.1.3 *User/Passenger App*
1.1.4 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ohntG4hecSPAVjoOpLMhpqCKZTaw2D-Q/view?usp=sharing
1.1.5 *Partner/Driver App*
1.1.6 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FH8bF4gbr5xP2ky4RzlH6SyCOYyqmvDP/view?usp=sharing

Notable Achievements

  • 1.3.41 Go has supply side created, with 500+ preregistered drivers.
  • 1.3.43 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ohntG4hecSPAVjoOpLMhpqCKZTaw2D-Q/view?usp=sharing
  • 1.3.44 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FH8bF4gbr5xP2ky4RzlH6SyCOYyqmvDP/view?usp=sharing
  • 1.3.46 Go has APIS for integrating SMS; wallet, bills, electricity, etc.
  • 1.3.47 Go has business plans, projections, profiles, and other documentation for planning

Pitch Video


The Business

Gosuperapp.app, is the first, the best and the only super app in Africa.

GO is raising USD. 2,5M, to launch our app and acquire the first 150,000 users, which will help us to break even and reach profitability within 3 months of raising funds. 

The mission of Go is to be in the lives of all Africa’s 250+ million people with smartphones in all the 54 countries, from when they wake up, to when they go to sleep, helping them to buy; sell; hail a ride; send money; send cargo; get short term rentals; maids, doctors, plumbers, and other personal services. Everything. 

Go is offering investors a mix of convertible note at 25%p.a. interest and equity stake at valuation of USD. 10 million, board seats and management oversight. The indicative returns on investment is 7X within 24 months, and minimum investment of USD. 25,000. 

The Market

1.3.3 700+million adults with phones, or access to internet via computers, as Total Available Market.
1.3.4 250+ million smart phones, hence, 250 million Total Adressable/Serviceable Market -SAM.
1.3.5 300+ million youth, 70% of the Africa's 420 million youth, unemployed or underemployed. Africa has approx. 12+ million graduates from technicall institutes and universities, but only create 3 million jobs, hence, growing market of over 9 million annually for Go. These are targets to use our app for side gigs.
1.3.6 55+ million private vehicles, and over 100 million bodabodas and tuktuks, which are possible clients of Go as delivery, or ride hailing partners.
1.3.7 120+ million micro and small enterprises, which are potential clients for restraurants, and selling items in GoShops.
1.3.8 472+ million people live in African cities, growing at rate of 20% per annum.
1.3.9 7,617 cities/towns, and expected to grow in population by 50% in the next 10 years. We intend to grow through agents in every city/town, and sub agents per region in the city.
1.3.10 Serviceable Obtainable Market is the portion of SAM that Go can capture within one year is 844,000 drivers of tuktuks, vehicles, and bodabodas; 76,000 homes for short stays; 76,000 restaurants and shops; 230,000 skilled service providers for on demand services such as mechanics, doctors, plumbers, etc; and 2,456,953 million users.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

1.3.59 Use of Funds: Investing in value added services, USD. 625,000 -25%; to acquire the first 150,000 users, USD. 896,250-36%; research & development USD. 120,000- 5%; Run rate-overheads and marketing for 12 months USD. 789,600-32%; and Equipment USD. 69,150-3%.
1.3.60 Goals: The funding shall allow us to bring development in-house, and employ a full team, and achieve break even, and profitability. Employ a full team of 10 employees; Acquire the first 150,000 users, 7,500 taxi drivers, 7,500 bodaboda riders, 1,500 tuktuks, 1,500 homes and offices, 7,500 service providers, and 1,500 shops and restaurants.

Go live on playstore and appstore
Get first 5,000 users.
Start earning revenue.

The Team

Pascal Mark - CEO/FOUNDER

1.3.49 CEO/Founder, Mark Pascal, lawyer, author of 55 books, founder of a bodaboda lease to own company, with 66 assets, creating jobs for 66 people in Africa.
1.3.50 The founder has USD. 100 billion worth of commitment, motivation, passion, focus, discipline and perseverance to build this solution, create jobs for people living in Africa, and offer returns on investment to partners/stakeholders.
1.3.51 The founder is open to new ideas, is versatile, adaptable, and a quick study.
1.3.52 The founder understands the market, the product, and clients, and the risks.
1.3.53 The founder has already prepared business systems, technology, and processes.
1.3.54 CTO/Technical, Hassan Mubashir, outsourced technical lead who has experience building such platform apps, Hassan Mubashir, https://www.linkedin.com/in/mubashir-hassan-5aa62450/
1.3.55 COO, Caroline Deborah, founded and co-owns a lease to own business, and is trained in procurement.

Exit Strategy

1.33.1 Merger & Acquisition (M&A).
1.33.2 Initial Public Offering (Ipo).
1.33.3 Liquidation And Close.
1.33.4 Taking A Company Public.
1.33.5 Monthly Amortization And Interest Payment On The Note.
1.33.6 Liquidation Of The Equity Stake Through Buyout.

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