Cheelee (Nutson LTD)

Location,City : Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh

Max Target : £ 1000000

Equity on offer : 10.5 %

Min Target : £ 100000

Equity on offer : 1.05 %

Industry :
Crypto currency

Investment Round :

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Posted By : Ruslan Sharov Connect


Cheelee is a short video platform with GameFi mechanics that rewards all users for watching the feed. Users are able to enjoy their favorite content on smart feed, based on preferences.

Cheelee works within the Attention Economy framework that asserts the value of attention. Through the GameFi mechanics, in-apps NFTs and tokens, Cheelee’s users earn together with the platform by converting their own attention into money.

We want to receive investment using NFT Invest Card.
Using an NFT card to receive investment is an innovative way to raise funds and attract potential investors. NFT cards are digital collectibles that represent the ownership of a certain asset. By utilizing NFT cards, investors can easily keep track of their investments and have a clear idea of their returns. Furthermore, NFT cards are highly secure, as they are cryptographically signed and stored on the blockchain, making them virtually impossible to counterfeit or tamper with. This makes them a safe and reliable way to receive investment.

Notable Achievements

  • Cheelee is embedded in user flow You don’t need to form new habits to make money - just flipping through the feed
  • Cheelee integrates into existing user flow There is no need to form unusual habits such as jogging - just watch the feed and earn tokens
  • Limited emission of in-game utility token LEE In conjunction with increasing difficulty of LEE mining drives the price up and attracts the holders
  • The project is protected from farms and bots Deep behavioral metrics protect the system from fraud and liquidity drain
  • Cheelee is copy resistant project The technologies behind Cheelee were developed more than two years by large team of experienced developers

Pitch Video

The Business

Cheelee is a social network, consequently up to 40% of Cheelee's total revenue comes from the income sources not related to the NFT sales i.e. from advertising, in-app purchases and collaborations with brands. In move-2-earn apps, this figure is only 1%.
Entering the social media market gives Cheelee the access to a huge audience of potential users - 4.6 bln people. In comparison, the audience of crypto users is only 320M people.

The Market

The live Cheelee price today(20/03/2023) is $8.90 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,057,049 USD. We update our CHEEL to USD price in real-time. Cheelee is up 1.73% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #2714, with a live market cap of not available. The circulating supply is not available and a max. supply of 1,000,000,000 CHEEL coins.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

We would use them to further develop our platform, expand our user base, and increase the visibility of our platform. We would also use these funds to build partnerships with other companies and organizations in order to maximize our reach and influence. We would also use the funds to improve the features of our platform, such as our NFT marketplace and token rate support mechanisms. Additionally, we would use the funds to build out our team, hire more developers, and explore more collaborations with brands.

We would use them to further refine our platform and develop new features that would increase user engagement and satisfaction. We would also use these funds to build relationships with potential investors and other industry partners in order to secure additional funding and resources in the future. We would use the funds to continue working on the core features of our platform, such as our NFT marketplace and token rate support mechanisms. We would also use the funds to further develop our social media network and expand our user base.

The Team

Ruslan Sharov - CEO, Co-Founder

Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience, business angel
Co-founder of the KSK group consulting company, Mazalt group holding company and the fund "Gift to the Angel"

Yuriy Kardonov - CPO, Co-Founder

CEO and Founder of a startup in neurotechnology and virtual reality CommON
Organizer of All-Russian and foreign hackathons for developers

Juliana G - CBDO

5 years of experience in China Tech Startups for B2B & B2C markets
Lead BDM at RAVV innovation ecosystem, partnering with HBS Alumni Angels, Berkeley SkyDeck, Harvard Innovation Labs

Exit Strategy

Our plan for exiting this business is to continue to build and grow the Cheelee platform, expanding it to more markets, increasing its user base, and developing more features and applications. We plan to continue to work with partners and brands to increase our revenue streams and strengthen our business model. We also plan to continue to list CHEEL on more exchanges to increase its liquidity.

Once we have reached a certain point in our growth, we will consider a potential exit strategy. This could be through a sale of the business, an IPO, or a strategic partnership. We will also consider other options such as a merger, joint venture, or acquisition. We will evaluate all potential options and select the one that will provide the best

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