West Texas Flyboarding

Location,City : USA / Fritch

Max Target : $ 30000

Equity on offer : 10 %

Min Target : $ 20000

Equity on offer : 5 %

Industry :
Entertainment & leisure

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West Texas Flyboarding will have the monopoly in the Texas panhandle. This business is not available within a 300 mile radius in any direction. Threw my own private experiences in my area the PUBLIC INTEREST is EXTREMELY high. The lack of entertainment in the area will secure a thriving, profitable, business to no avail.

Pitch Video

The Business

WTFB will offer a variety of fly time- flyboarding, jet pack & jetovator. WTFB will have a 1 million dollar insurance policy per government regulation. WTFB will supply each flyer will safety gear, a online tutorial to help speed up process on scheduled flight day, as well as a waiver that will be printed, signed, and brought day of appt. WTFB will have a mandatory no drug/alcohol policy for clients as well as employees. There will be 3 levels available- beginner/ intermediate/expert each level will be fly time billed according to the "going rate" on fly time. Fly time will be billed in 30min or 1 hour intervals depending on the client. Clients will have the opportunity to by t-shirts, caps, digital pics etc. Group rates will be available to parties of 10 or more. Rates will fluctuate with summer holidays. No refunds will be available due to weather or high winds, BUT a opportunity to reschedule will be available.

The Market

This market will target the public at all ages from 10 - ? I plan to target the general public as well as large groups such as school field trips/ church youth activity/ corporate & company gatherings. Threw web design,social media, flyers, radio advertisement as well as local billboard the public will have knowledge of WTFB. Having this (one of a kind) business available in the area will boost sales on fly time, t-shirts, caps, pics and other memorabilia as it grows.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Funds will purchase equipment- ski, fly board equipment, safety gear, etc. web page design, advertisement, start up cost including insurance, copyright, EIN etc.

Funds will purchase equipment- ski, fly board equipment, safety gear, etc. web page design, advertisement, start up cost including insurance, copyright, EIN etc.

The Team

Kevin Ray Annis - Owner/Operator

To keep labor & business cost at a minimum I will operate company solo. Until clientele is established and season turns lucrative employees will be hired. WTFB will have ability to book online, schedule, and purchase their appts by the half hour or hour. I will be the only licensed instructor, which leaves only a general laborer IF necessary.

Exit Strategy

WTFB will Exit the business as a whole entity. All equipment, inventory, and clientele list will be included. An agreed upon percentage of final sell price will be distributed to investors IF business should fail.}

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I wish you all the best with it.

May 29, 2020

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