Carrie Griffin

Location,City : United States / Roscoe

Max Target : $ 30000

Equity on offer : 100 %

Min Target : $ 30000

Equity on offer : 100 %

Industry :
Personal services

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :
Ready to launch

Website : Visit

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I am dying and have a few things I want to do please

Notable Achievements

  • Being loved back
  • Raising six kids from the age of 15 none are mine. Never could have any.
  • My love

Pitch Video

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

My name is Carrie Griffin. I have four months to a year left on this earth. Looking to take care of a couple things before I die. I want to pay some of the basics down to zero for my love so he has a start at life. I also wants to hit the road with him for a couple months and travel around the usa sit under the stars go see the redwood forest things that are just so unbelievable.
I am asking for $30,000 please. I was honest about what it will be for. I tried to write ellen a few times and never got a response. I was hoping someone out there that actually could spare it would please let me do this before I no longer can. Thank you so much for reading .

Use before I die

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