Location,City : Northern Ireland / Belfast

Max Target : £ 600.000

Equity on offer : 15 %

Min Target : £ 350.000

Equity on offer : 12 %

Industry :

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :

Website : Visit

Posted By : Aiden Clifford Connect


Quickshopper will be a very great potential in both profits and revenue returns and has the potential to see profits from at least between years 1 and 2 within being up and running and should be up and running within 6 months of investments being made

Notable Achievements

  • No other business opportunities like this one as we have no competitors at all
  • Quickshopper website and app should arrive within the next 6 months

Pitch Video

The Business

Quickshopper will be not only an app but also a website were we can gain profits through traffic online and getting customers to come through our website and for every single customer who comes through our website and clicks on the shop they choose we will get £1 for each customer which comes through our website to get to the shop the need

The Market

There so far has been no competitors and other businesses within this concept and will be a huge game changer

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Funds will be used to further develop the benefits of app store and Website for the online quickshopper

Funds will be used in conjunction with developing the new online app and website

The Team

Aiden Clifford - Owner of company

My Name is Aiden Clifford I live in Northern Ireland
I'm 29yrs old and have years of experience in the retail industry and thats why I came up with the idea of quickshopper im am kind and very hard working and love working as a team as well as very upbeat

Exit Strategy

As quickly and smoothly as possible

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Looking For : Digital Marketing Specialist
Equity : 4%