BCF Bitcoin formula coin

Location,City : Belgium / Brugge

Max Target : € 1250000

Equity on offer : 5 %

Min Target : € 250000

Equity on offer : 1 %

Industry :
Crypto currency

Investment Round :

Stage :

Website : Visit

Posted By : Levan Connect


POS and POW Bitcoin formula coin with a core base of Masternodes network. contact me: it7upport@gmail.com

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Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Hello everyone! I'm an IT specialist with 15 years experience. I have 5 years experience in bitcoin trading, masternodes and other cryptocurrencies. I have developed a cryptocurrency, it is a product of 5 years cryptocurrencies analytics, trading and investments. I'm looking for investor to advance project on the market. Investor will receive a coins, which he can stake and sell on exchanges. The project is Bitcoin Formula coin abreviation is BCF, if interested message me. I will explane more about my project.

Project development, Marketing, listing on different exchanges.

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