Location,City : United States / Santa Rosa

Max Target : $ 60,000

Equity on offer : 15 %

Min Target : $ 30,000

Equity on offer : 7.5 %

Industry :
Fashion & Beauty

Investment Round :

Stage :

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To date we have secured our packaging, and our cream is in it's final 6 months of testing for our pilot product, The Purge. in year 2022 we are aiming to launch a second and third product, with a fourth in Q2 2023.
Getting an investment means we can launch this product, and get it selling on our own e-commerce website. After launch, securing spa & salon locations in Southern Cal will be our goal. We know shelves in stores will grow our product faster than digital marketing and e-commerce sales alone.

Notable Achievements

  • Lotion in final 6 month testing phase
  • Investor rounds starting
  • 30ML jars and lids secured
  • Packaging secured from PackMojo
  • Fulfilment center secured with ShipMonk

Pitch Video

The Business

Founded in 2020, Bridget Keaton knew there had to be a better way to have clear skin. After suffering worth acne for most of her life, she founded this company because she knew she had to help those who also suffered with acne and struggled to find a product that works.
BLVDskin is entering the market with The Purge, an acne cream made from Coffee See Oil, Oats and Turmeric Root Extract.

The Market

Private label sales in the USA for acne treatment totaled more than $62 million in 2020 and held 11% of the market share. Total acne treatment products in the USA topped $289 million.
We will be looking to launch online, and continue in spas & salons in Southern Cal on shelves.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

The cost to launch is about $40,000, the other $10,000 would go towards building our brand on digital marketing.

$30,000 would cover the initial PO of our cream and our packaging.

The Team

Bridget Keaton - Founder & CEO

Residing in Santa Rosa, CA Bridget started BLVDskin for selfish reasons at first; She wanted clear skin.
Finding that nothing on the market helped, she started crafting her own product in her house. After noticing an improvement in only two weeks, she knew she had to pass this onto the world.
Bridget is also a mother and founder of Canary Clean, a high end cleaning service in Santa Rosa.

Scott Wentling - COO

Scott works in financial services, with years of management experience. Scott was added to BLVDskin's team in 2021 to help continue to grow the brand and business.

Exit Strategy

Our exit strategy is to license our product after Q4 2023 to a larger company, while keeping the name BLVDskin to sell private label products.
Our sales 36 month forecast puts us at $3,875,445 in revenue by end of Q4 2023. If our goals are met we would then entertain offers from companies interested in building their brand with use of BLVDskin's product lines.

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 15%

Where we are - We have the cream in testing phase, we have packaging secured along with the graphic designs. We have marketing in place, and are ready to grow.
What we are missing is the funds to be able to make this all happen.
Cosmetic creams have a high margin rate, and we already have pre-sales starting. We believe your investment can be made back quickly once we are off the ground and fully selling in 2022. We are asking for help in making this happen, and that is where you, the investor comes in, to allow us to make this happen.