UPlus - Connects local Merchants with local customers

Location,City : Uganda / Kampala

Max Target : $ 10000

Equity on offer : 30 %

Min Target : $ 5000

Equity on offer : 25 %

Industry :
Sales and Marketing

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I believe that online shopping should not be dealt the same way in Africa as it is in western countries. That is why the concept I developed takes online shopping to all new different level.

Notable Achievements

  • I have written down the roadmap to how the project will be run successfully
  • I have done market research and received positive results.

Pitch Video

The Business

UPlus helps customers view and search through their local merchants from an online simple platform. The customers can search for products and will know from which local merchant to pick it up or ask for a delivery. UPlus works with location, so customers will only be able to see merchants and products within their region or otherwise if they want to search from another location. It gives the feel of online shopping and yet shopping from local merchants. The customer does not have to wait for long delivery periods or wonder where the product is coming from. They don't have to move from store to store searching for a product. They are able to contact every registered local merchant from the comfort of their home.The merchant is also a customer/beneficiary on the platform since they get an online visibility and cheap advertising.

The concept of online shopping should not be addressed the same way in African countries as it is in western countries. The reason why most people want to shop online is because they do not want to move from store to store looking for a product. They are not sure if there is any local merchant selling that product. It is not out of their interest that they have to wait for many working days before the product is delivered or that they have to pay extra fees for delivery. If only they could search a product online and know where to pick it up from a local merchant, they would be very happy to do so. Besides, you find that most of those products sold online are also being sold by local merchants. But customers are not able to find out untill they physically visit the store. Hence they end up paying more. That is the problem UPlus wants to address. Compare UPlus to Uber. You don't have to be wondering where to find a taxi nearby, just check on your phone and request to be picked up. With all that in mind, investing in UPlus is investing in Africa and perhaps also some part of Asia, where merchants are almost in every Conner.

The Market

The market extends to most of African countries and also some Asia countries that are still developing.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Use the funds to hire a professional developer to work on the project and also for the initial launching stage.

Use the funds to start on the initial stage of development

The Team

Country manager - Register merchants in your country and lead a team.

As the country manager, you will be especially responsible for registering and verifying new merchants across the entire country and also be able to train as members to help in the smooth running of the platform.

Exit Strategy

I do not intend to exit. But if a need arises for exit, I intend to sell off the company to an individual or organization to continue operating it.

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