Queer Spot India

Location,City : India / Delhi

Max Target : $ 200000

Equity on offer : 40 %

Min Target : $ 121894.81

Equity on offer : 18 %

Industry :

Investment Round :

Stage :

Website : Visit

Posted By : Reet Singh Connect


An online platform that provides LGBTQ+ friendly legal aid and real estate services PAN India in all price ranges.

Notable Achievements

  • Completely new concept in the Indian market
  • Partnered with an experienced tech firm, quality assured
  • Partnered with a law firm, no legal risks

Pitch Video

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

We have partnered with a law firm and have employed a tech team to directly build the main website instead of a prototype, we require initial funds for the same. Once the website is up and running, profits are guaranteed

The minimum fund target shall be used to pay off the legal and tech firm that will be partnering with the company for the initial requirements (one-time partnership).

The Team

Reet - Founder and President

Law student and entrepreneur based in India.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reet-singh-138223120/

Exit Strategy

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