Location,City : Indonesia / Jayapura

Max Target : $ 500000

Equity on offer : 15 %

Min Target : $ 300000

Equity on offer : 15 %

Industry :

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :

Website : Visit


Right now I had a Social Media Website that need your investment, so please visit my website and see what I’m offering to you and if you get my idea and find that interesting please contact me and then I will pitch my business plan to you.
This site is just a beta version coz there is still a lot of room to develop and I need a few programmer to help me with so I can release the official version, that is why I need an investment for this website for the developing process.

Faizal Mangiwa Pulungan

Pitch Video

The Business

Its social media website and hope can change the way we use social media.

The Market

All the social media user, the new user and the old user, with min. target 10% of social media user worldwide.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Expand this site more further.

Hire a few new programmer for developing this site and launch the offical version, also renew the hosting plan for better service.

The Team

Faizal Mangiwa - Founder

Founder And Owner of

Exit Strategy

Make an offer