Packa Beatz Entertainment

Location,City : Trinidad and Tobago / Scarborough

Max Target : $ 1000000

Equity on offer : 50 %

Min Target : $ 1000

Equity on offer : 50 %

Industry :
Entertainment & leisure

Investment Round :

Stage :

Website : Visit


Packa Beatz Entertainment is an entertainment company founded in Trinidad and Tobago that produces and publishes books, music and video, I also have a exciting site called latest tunes made to help people who are searching their favorite music online and cant find it, also the site will market artists signed to the label.

Packa Beatz is the music instrumental division of the business that manufactures beats/ instrumentals on a daily basis for the masses to license through Songtradr and Sony Records, if someone wants a cheaper alternative for a license they can e-mail us on

Latest Tunes is a marketing division of a marketing division that promotes new and upcoming music, we also use the platform to promote anyone using our service to record a track and we promote artists that have signed to the record label.

The International Book Club is a marketing division that promotes books that have made entrance as a bestseller. We use this platform to market books and magazines written by Packa Beatz Entertainment and any any author signed to the label.

Jacob Winston Foster (me) is my website used to to promote all works created by such as books and art, separate to the music.
I also create and manage websites at an affordable monthly fee, so if anyone needs a website for their school or business, they can contact me.

Of course one day the business is going to grow and expand, and one day we are going to venture into events, nightclubs and bars.

My sole purpose marketing the business on Gunnga is to offer fixed deposits for one year whereby you will get back the amount invested and %50 profit on the amount you invested.

Tel: +18682649188

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Pitch Video

The Business

Packa Beatz Entertainment is a entertainment company that specializes in music, books, videos, website creation and management and other ventures that make up entertainment. It is now a respectable record label. The business has already published a few projects and is on the right path to success.

The Market

The market is entertainment, which includes events, music, books, videos, photography, art, night clubs and bars. My market niche is entertaining customers of all ages from the quiet conservative to the young liberal who enjoys to hang out and party. I provide products so even in economic crisis or pandemic we have steady growth and sales. The more people stay home, the more they read books and listen to music, watch music videos and when lockdowns are over to our establishments they should head to enjoy themselves. As a record label, I give all the services as the major labels, signing my artists to permanent contracts and if another label is interested they can buy their contracts out if the artist wants to sign to the other label. I provide them with vocal ,training, give them free studio time and free music videos as any other label. I use the distributors Soundtradr has a partnership with Sony records, Amazon and Saatchi to help make sure the sales are making entrance transparently. also do direct sales on the websites.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

Property ownership for headquarters and branches. Expansion. Domain ownership for websites. Marketing and advertising. Hiring of staff. I am only accepting investments as a fixed deposit for 1 YEAR only. After the 1 YEAR you will receive the amount you invested plus the equity/interest.

Completion of a project and published product. I am only accepting investments as a fixed deposit for 1 YEAR only. After the 1 YEAR you will receive the amount you invested plus the equity/interest.

The Team

Jacob Winston Foster - Founder, Owner and C.E.O.

Jacob Winston Foster is the Founder, Owner and C.E.O of Packa Beatz Entertainment. He currently holds a Certificate in Administration, Management and Security. He studied at Grafton College Of Management Sciences before dropping out to pursue the business actually working and creating income. He has worked in law enforcement and the security industry and the Food and beverage industry for the past ten years before creating Packa Beatz Entertainment. He is an established author and musician.

Exit Strategy

There is no exit strategy for me. I plan to run my business for the rest of my life. I plan to grow the business so my children can take over duties with the finances of the business okay and enough sales, generating products, so they can settle themselves in their positions as hiers.

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 5%

Right now I am looking for Investment Officers. Thier job is to get investors and for the business on a daily basis. Their job is remote. They would recieve 5% commission of the value of every investment they get for the business.