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Register as an Investor. Back ambitious entrepreneurs, find great businesses to invest in and build your network

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Access a Global network of Investors.

Once you register, you can start connecting with Angel investors from around the world who are activly looking to invest in startups, early stage, and growth businesses. 

Gunnga is a free platform which means you can start connecting straight away. 

The Gunnga platform is ideal for anyone looking to raise investment capital for a new business, a growth business, or even if you are at idea stage



Create a campaign listing.

It is very simple and easy to add a campaign listing on our platform. Once your campaign is live, you can start receiving direct offers from investors. 

To create a campaign, login to your account, click the “Add Campaign” button and start creating your pitch.

You can accept the offer made by an investor, make a counter offer or negotiate until a deal has been agreed by both sides.  

Interact and engage with your network.

You can post updates and notible achievements on your timeline and engage with everyone in your network at the same time.

This allows investors to be part of your journey, build a relationship with you and have a connection with your startup.

If you are crowdfunding, use this platform to build a soft network of investors before your campaign goes live. This helps build momentum and can increase your chances of getting funded by 80%.  

Build your team or Join a startup.

One of the biggest factors investors look at before investing is, the strength of your team.

For this reason, we highly recommend building a strong team before seeking investment. And we don’t mean hiring an expert, we mean having them part of the team as an equity owner. 

So, whether you’re looking for a co-founder, SEO specialist, tech expert, find them on the Gunnga platform. If you are one of the experts, register yourself on Gunnga and find a Start-up to join that suits you.

Gunnga is ideal for investors.

Unlike other platforms, we put the power in the hands of the investor.

Typically, most platforms let the start-up set the valuation and usually it is non-negotiable. 

On the Gunnga platform, investors can make an offer for the amount and equity value that suits them.


How it Works

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Register as an entrepreneur. Create a campaign listing, Build your team, and start connecting with Investors

Discover Investors

Register as an Investor. Back ambitious entrepreneurs, find great businesses to invest in and build your network

Discover Startups

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an angel investor?
Angel investors are individuals who invest in early stage, startups or growth businesses.

What is the difference between investors and Angel investors?
A typical investor can invest in many different types of instruments, for example, commodities, stock market, properties etc. An Angel investor usually refers to someone who invests only in businesses.

How much do Angel investors tend to invest in a start up?
This varies depending on the startup, it can range anywhere between $20,000 to $500,000 +.

What is an angel group?
An Angel group is a group of individuals who meet up on a regular basis and combine their money to invest in companies selected by the group.

Do angel investors invest in small businesses?
Majority of Angel investments are made into early stage and startup businesses. This is not the same as a small business. For example, a hairdresser could be a small business but has been established for many years.

Where can I find Angel investors?
Generally, it is not easy to find or get in touch with Angel investors, however Gunnga makes it easy to find Angel investors for free.

What investment criteria do Angel investors look for?
There are many factors involved before investors decide to invest. Generally having a strong team of founders is a big deciding factor.

What’s the difference between raising investment and taking a loan?
Taking a loan means you are not giving up any equity in the business, and the money must be paid back. Raising investment means the investor is taking the risk, you don’t have to pay back the money however you give up a percentage of your business.

What’s the difference between Angel investors and Venture capital?
Venture capitalists generally manage money on behalf of wealthy individuals called a ‘Fund’, they take this money and invest it into startups and growth businesses. An Angel investors typically invests alone and has more involvement in the business.

Angel Investor for Startups & small business

On a global scale, the internet has evolved and observed a growing “move from the internet use to application of social media,” where the various business organization is not just practicing the internet to effect ‘E-Commerce’, but also executing social media as a facet -- a specialty of E-Commerce. Today, the internet is for all, and marketing is the biggest platform that gets the advantage of social media. If you are looking for angel investor groups, try social media for attracting new entrepreneurs or target any enterprises for angel investment opportunities.

Why? Primarily, because social media has enabled ‘idea of selling’, also termed as social selling to beget more opportunities for business owners. Distance does not matter anymore, you can avail or sell whichever product, with just an upload. Of course, you all know that: The art of social selling is a whole different process of selling and approaching people, and business angel investors. However, skills and smart perspectives are required to get even more revolutionary proposal, because social media applications, in particular, has “democratized” business in the sense that it offers equal weights for everyone. Angel investment network is very popular and biggest platform for getting profit through your investment.

Everybody can share their voice over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and even YouTube. Opinions are no longer restricted, but we help you to control it.

A valuable communication avenue, small businesses experience better result in terms of growth through business angels investors through effective marketing tool described as

Twitter – Blogging- General audience

Facebook – Social Networking –General and mass audience

MySpace – Social Networking – target mostly, Teenagers, underground musician-type networking

LinkedIn – Social Networking/collaboration – target group, Businesses, and professionals, also business collaboration

LiveJournal – Blogging –General audience

Google+ - Social Networking –General audience

Foursquare – Geosocial networking – General audience

Dropbox – Document collaboration–General audience

Above mentioned platforms are known to all, but to realize your potential clients or angel investors for startups, is the tough program to deal with. To arrange communication through social networks and communities, a specific socializing involves getting the maximum benefits for business. Well, as per survey designed method, a start-up and small and medium – scale business gets an advantageous opportunity from social media in diverse ways, once you get connected with angel investors for small business.

Increase in clientele/ customers: when you are looking for investors for business, use social media widely and wisely. For example, if you are ready with an idea of a ‘café’, and have a potential theme to add more creative building—connect with us! Developing that insight into reality is our job, and brings you investors and a strong customer base as well.

Productivity benefits: To reach the wider market on the internet, marketing tools get you online and visible digital presence.

Cost savings and insights: About buyers’ dynamics and motivation, social media generates quick and authentic real-time data and feedback for you to realize the market condition.

Wider knowledge pool: In terms of productivity, you can avail wide access to realize essential steps to put forward. It is to be believed by experienced managers that Social media increased their companies’ knowledge pool.

Responding to this, How Businesses are making the most out of social media, come and find with us and talk to our experts regarding angel investors for startups to complement your business growth. We also have a complementary forum to approach and help you to get through your investment.

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Investing in start-ups involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of capital and it should be done as part of a diversified portfolio. Gunnga is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own financial decisions.  
We do not give legal advice. Please consult your local laws and a financial adviser before finalising any deal. Do not exchange money until you have completed your own due diligence. We cannot be responsible for your actions outside this site.